SNAP vouchers: four states will grant benefits of more than $1,100 before the end of August

In Globe Live Media we are going to tell you who will receive them and what requirements must be met to reach these amounts.

The month of August has entered the final stretch, which is why some U.S. states are rushing to send the benefits due to their residents who receive SNAP vouchers. In some cases, this money can exceed $1,100 dollars. In Globe Live Media we are going to tell you who will receive them and what requirements they must meet to reach these amounts.


In the state of Maryland, people can receive SNAP benefits up to $1,691 dollars. Qualified residents can get their vouchers on their EBT card no later than the 23rd of each month. The date payments are sent to recipients depends on the first three letters of your last name.

Those receiving $1,691 are households consisting of eight people; households of three are given a maximum of $740.


In Washington, individuals can receive up to $1,691 if they live in a five-person household; families of three can receive a maximum of $740. Washington residents will get their SNAP vouchers no later than August 20.

The date benefits are sent is determined by the case number on your approval letter.


In the state of Mississippi you can get up to $1,116 if your family consists of eight people, and an extra $211 if your family consists of nine or more. Households with three people receive up to $740 extra. The arrival of SNAP coupons depends on the last two digits of the case number.

The last day Mississippi sends benefits is the 21st of each month.


Ohio is another of the states that grants the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP, and the amounts can reach up to $1,116 dollars for a household of five people. Families with three members can get up to $740. For each additional person, $211 is available.

The last day the state can send benefits is the 20th of each month.

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