Quorum Software (Quorum), a leading global provider of software for the energy industry, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Schlumberger to integrate Quorum’s industry-leading Planning Space, a Proposal for business planning and economics in the petroleum industry, with the FDPlan oilfield development planning solution, based on the DELFI cognitive E&P environment. The integrated solution will be offered directly by Schlumberger, with Planning Space serving as the petroleum economics engine.

As part of the agreement, Quorum will also acquire Schlumberger’s Merak planning, risk and oil inventory software.

“Quorum and Schlumberger have built enduring relationships with their customers and partners through decades of working with the energy industry,” said Gene Austin, Quorum Chief Executive Officer industry technology ecosystem, supported by our team of energy experts.”

“The partnership between Quorum and Schlumberger will enable our customers to seamlessly integrate cross-functional data and workflows to accelerate planning, operational and boardroom decision-making,” said Trygve Randen, Director Digital Subsurface Solutions at Schlumberger. By integrating the DELFI environment and domain workflows with Quorum’s business planning solutions, we are enabling an industry-first, truly integrated experience that connects all functions across the enterprise.”

With the agreement effective immediately, Quorum and Schlumberger are already actively working with several major energy companies to improve their performance and profitability through improved business planning across the organization.

About Quorum software

Quorum Software is a global leader in software for the energy industry, serving more than 1,800 customers in 55 countries along the entire energy value chain. Quorum’s solutions fuel energy company growth and profitability by connecting people, workflows and systems to the data that drives decisions. Twenty years ago, the company developed the industry’s first gas facility accounting software, and today its solutions streamline business operations with industry-leading data standards and integrations. The global energy industry relies on Quorum’s experts and applications to successfully navigate the energy transition while creating value today and into the future. For more information, seequorumsoftware.com.

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