How to make sure you never lack money, without budgeting your expenses

Creating a budget is not for everyone; Nor is the proposal that we will give you to save money without having to have a budget for everyone.
At the beginning of the year, many of us have some purposes to fulfill, in which those who are financial never cease to be. It is true that making a budget is the beginning of a successful financial path, however, it is not for everyone. That doesn’t mean they can’t save, just that it would be different.

The development of a budget is the creation of a method to better manage personal and family finances, which will be polished over time and whose main objective is to cover needs and pay off debts, without sacrificing savings.
It’s true that experts will almost unanimously recommend that you set up a budget plan to meet all of your financial goals. However, when you read about a strategy and carry it out, it does not always adapt to your possibilities and needs, since it requires an effort of time and work to register, calculate your income and review your expenses one by one so that the accounts balance.

And making the numbers always play in your favor is not always possible, which causes stress and anxiety. Was the budget the solution to your financial situation? Perhaps with time it will be, while a lot of patience and emotional stability are required to cope with the situation in difficult moments.

How to save without a budget?

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the main goals of budgeting is to save. But you don’t necessarily need a method like this to get money together. Here the key: automate your savings.
Automating your savings, just as if you paid rent or your debts, will allow you to meet both objectives: save and not be involved in cumbersome budgets. If you put savings first, you no longer have to worry about not saving or overspending.

In this way, if you go out of your budget for a month or two, and you spend more in restaurants or in any other item, you will avoid the feeling of guilt for spending more and you will continue focused on what you have at that time.
As we mentioned at the beginning, creating and even not using a budget is not for everyone: if your current budgeting method works for you, you’re fine; If automating your savings and being a free financial soul works better for you, great for you. There is no single rule to save and improve your personal finances, there are options and it is you who decides.

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