How can I withdraw money from my bank account in the United States if I was deported?

How can I withdraw money from my bank account in the United States if I was deported?

Even if you are deported from the United States, that does not mean that you cannot recover the money that you have accumulated in your bank account. At Globe Live Media we tell you what you can do about it.

Strictly speaking, any foreigner in the United States who breaks the law in any way can be deported, even immigrants who have worked in the country for years . This is an extremely hard process for many people, since there are not a few who have accumulated property or savings and can be deported.

However, deported immigrants should know that the money they have obtained in the US is their property, and that the federal government cannot seize it unless it comes from criminal sources, according to the portal.

Therefore, if you have been deported, the money you have accumulated in a bank account can be withdrawn.

At Globe Live Media we explain what you should do.

How can I withdraw the money from my bank account if I have been deported?

Recovering the money from your bank account if you have been deported is a difficult process, but not impossible.

According to, individuals can access funds in their account by following these procedures:

1) Have someone act as an authorized user of your US bank account : This person could withdraw the money and send it to your home country, or transfer the money from your US bank account to a foreign bank account (although this generally involves the payment of a fee).

2) Contact your bank in case there is no other authorized user of your US bank account : Banks usually have customer services that can help you send your money to a foreign account if you explain the situation to them . You must meet all the requirements of the bank and hope that they can make the transfer.

3) Using your bank account abroad : it is possible that, with a debit card, you can withdraw the money from your account using an ATM. This also implies the payment of service fees.

4) Use the online services of your bank account : this will allow you to transfer the money to a foreign account or withdraw the money in cash through money transfer services.

5) Convert your bank account into a foreign account : to do this, you must download the W-8 BEN form from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) portal and follow the instructions. According to, this may mean that you will have to comply with certain additional tax rules.

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