Fake Shop places loads of PS5 ads on Facebook

Fake Shop places loads of PS5 ads on Facebook

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Globe Live Media, Thursday, January 28, 2021


The problem of Facebook and the dubious advertisements. From a platform like the flagship of the parent company of the same name, as an unsuspecting user, you should actually be able to expect that you are on the safe side and only believe in advertisements from creditworthy companies.

With all the amounts of data that one collects every second and sells on to questionable companies, it would usually be easy for Facebook to find out what is really behind an advertiser and whether a certain offer might even be possible.

After all, the social media giant from Silicon Valley is home to some of the smartest minds and best programmers in the world. It would be technically easy to incorporate basic security measures and, in case of doubt, to check advertisements that are shown to millions of users.

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But although the problem with fake advertisements is not new and Facebook has not only recently been very well informed, there is obviously no motivation to do anything about it. The fact that users could get to fraudsters via their own platform and that they are practically brought directly to their victims does not matter as long as the advertisement is paid for and Facebook receives the money.

Another sad case that proves exactly that once again is an advertisement on the “Truefind Shop” page. This ad is currently circulating widely on Facebook and is being displayed to gamers interested in PS5 consoles. The scammers can use Facebook’s advertising function to target their ad to the preferred group of people.

There are already a number of indications on the Internet that the shop is a fake seller and does not deliver the goods. Getting a PS5 at a commercial price should seem suspicious to most at this point anyway. Other spellings of the same shop can also appear in the advertisements. Before you click on an advertisement on Facebook, you should always google the provider and check it out at trustedshops and co. If you can’t find anything about the shop at all: keep your hands off it!

Brent Dubin
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