Argentine model Pampita tested positive for coronavirus

Argentine model Pampita tested positive for coronavirus

Ana Carolina Ardohaín Dos Santos : Pampita tested positive for coronavirus: She is four months pregnant and remains isolated with her husband.

Last week he returned from Mexico. And shortly after a swab was performed because he planned to make a new trip, this time to Miami

After being isolated by a positive case of coronavirus from a member of her family, Carolina Pampita Ardohain received the result of the swab that had been performed in these hours and the result was not the desired one: she contracted COVID-19. The model is finishing her third month of pregnancy: she is expecting a baby with her husband, Roberto García Moritán , who is also infected.

The driver and the businessman returned to Argentina last Thursday on a flight from Mexico, where they traveled to celebrate their respective birthdays with their relatives . There they also took the opportunity to confirm that they are expecting a baby .

Pampita confirmed the news through a post on his social networks. “Yes, I am infected with coronavirus and Robert too,” she said, adding that the results of the tests of her children were negative, but that in any case they will have another one “just in case.” “ They are in perfect health. They had no symptoms. None of those who traveled to Mexico, nor any family member is infected, ”he clarified.

As detailed, he had planned a trip to Miami in the coming days, since he was invited to the 15th birthday of the daughter of former Chilean soccer player Iván Bam Bam Zamorano . The new regulations indicate that each person who arrives in the United States must do so with a negative swab, that is why the model was conducted a study.

“We arrived in Argentina with a negative PCR, as appropriate. I went for a protocol swab because I had a scheduled trip and that’s why I found out. From that moment on, we are with Robert isolated in a room ” , he continued, and appreciated the messages of support he received.

Last August, Pampita had a swab done after one of her panelists, Cora Debarbieri, tested positive for coronavirus . At that time, she was tested while she was isolated at home. ” Nothing hurts, nothing, nothing … It’s uncomfortable and I ask for your nose a bit, but nothing more,” he described about the procedure.

On the other hand, as confirmed by those close to Benjamín Vicuña , his children were with him last week, and since Sunday the Chilean actor remains isolated and a swab was performed on Wednesday. Although his environment maintains that a test is carried out every week because he is working on a fiction and follows health protocols.

According to the report of pregnant women with COVID-19, carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States between last January 22 and June 7, after adjusting for age, presence of Underlying conditions and race and ethnicity, the risks of intensive care unit admissions and mechanical ventilation were significantly higher among pregnant women than non-pregnant women .

Findings from Sweden indicate that pregnant women with COVID-19 are five times more likely to be admitted to the intensive care unit and four times more likely to receive mechanical ventilation compared to those who are not pregnant. Cohort data on natural history are still lacking, creating challenges in formulating strong evidence-based clinical guidelines for the management of pregnant women with COVID-19.

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