What do I see in the XL weekend? A hilarious ghost sitcom and an Aunt Valentina who solves murders

What do I see in the XL weekend? A hilarious ghost sitcom and an Aunt Valentina who solves murders

Recipes for Love and Murder

Around South Africa’s Klein Karoo Valley, the most dangerous crimes often involve goats refusing to stay in their pen or a drunken patron driving his tractor over a neighbor’s flower bed. That is, until a woman is murdered in her house and a couple of journalists from the local newspaper – the newsroom is located on the top floor of the town’s supermarket – begin to investigate her death. Based on the novels by Sally Andrews, the series revolves around Maria (Maria Doyle Kennedy, Outlander), a passionate cook who shares her delicious recipes in a Karoo Gazette column that she signs as Tannie Maria, something like Aunt Maria in Afrikaans, the language of the region. Forced to change jobs and take charge of the sentimental advice column, the woman becomes involved in a mystery that sows chaos in the quiet community. Of course, honoring the idea that every small town hides potential hells, soon with the help of her young colleague Jessie (Kylie Fisher), Maria will become a part-time detective who also hides some secrets about her own story. she. A season. Available on AcornTV.


The sitcom, with its long tradition and proven flexibility, has long since left the three walls of TV studios and freed itself from the scourge of recorded laughs. In their current version, half-hour television sitcoms (which actually last just over 21 minutes) can play with themes and characters like those presented by Ghosts. It is the North American version of a British fiction that imagines what happens when a young couple inherits an imposing ruined mansion and decides to turn it into a charming inn. The problem, aside from the old plumbing, leaky roof and creaky floors, are the eight ghosts that reside in it and refuse to accept the arrival of guests. The eclectic group of spirits includes a Viking killed in pre-Columbian times, a Native American victim of colonization, a Civil War general, one of the original owners of the mansion, a 1920s jazz singer, a hippie, a 1970s family man and a Wall Street banker. Eager to scare away the newcomers but not having the malice to do so, the ghosts have a lucky break when Sam (Rose McIver) has an accident and because of him he begins to be able to see and hear them. Funny, light and witty, the comedy plays with the clash of cultures and centuries that divide all the characters. A season. Available on Universal Comedy/DirecTV Go

The survivors

Colonia Dignidad. Documentary series dedicated to portraying the horrors committed in the world in the name of religion interpreted according to the convenience of a few, usually narrate events so horrific and extreme that they defy the imagination of any fiction writer. This was what happened with cycles like Wild Wild Country and Be Meek: Prayer and Obedience and the most recent The Sins of Our Mother (all available on Netflix) and what also happens in this new documentary series produced by Boxfish that explores the aberrant abuses committed in Colonia Dignidad, the enclave of a German sect established in Chile. In five episodes narrated by Benjamín Vicuña, the stories of the hundreds of victims of the criminal group are told, in addition to detailing their ties to power that ensured impunity for forty years to its creator, Paul Schaefer, especially thanks to his association with the Pinochet regime. Raw and exhaustive, the series portrays one of the darkest chapters in Chile’s recent history, which is still suffering its consequences. A season. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

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