Colombian star Shakira was a trend this week for starring on the cover of Vogue magazine in its edition for Mexico and Latin America where she confessed that in July she hopes to release her next single after having released the video for ‘Girl Like Me’ with the Black Eyed Peas on last December 4.

Now the singer has received indirect proposals to appear in a movie.

In full promotion of the new Fast and Furious film in its ninth installment, some protagonists were asked who they would invite to the film’s 10th installment as a guest artist and among names like Matt Damon and Beyoncé said by some of them, Jordana Brewster, the Panamanian who triumphs in Hollywood said she would like to see Shakira, “it would be amazing and she could write a song for us,” said the actress.

This request was joined by Vin Diesel, the protagonist of the saga who said that Shakira “is an incredible talent” to have in the film.

It is not the first time that the actor talks about the Colombian, in 2015 in the promotion of ‘Furious 7’, he and Michelle Rodríguez visited the set of The Voice in Los Angeles (California) show where Shakira occupied a chair as a judge in the sixth season replacing Christina Aguilera.

The Voice

Shakira has never starred in a movie despite having received proposals, even in 1999 she was offered to participate in ‘El Zorro’, however she refused. The last collaboration with a film studio was in 2016 when she gave life to ‘Gazelle’ in the Disney animated film Zootopia, which had the dubbing of the Colombian for its version in Spanish and English.

She also collaborated in 2008 for the film based on the book by Gabriel García Márquez, ‘El Amor en los Tiempos del Cólera’ for which she composed two songs: ‘La Despedida’ and ‘Hay Amores’, the first being the one that gave her the Golden Globe nomination that year for best song written for a movie.

Shakira has expressed on several occasions that she could not refuse to be part of the project since it was one of her favorite books by her friend ‘Gabo’.

A few months ago it became known that Disney is preparing a film based in Colombia after the success of ‘Coco’, which contains elements of Mexican culture in it. Well, the local version would be ‘Encanto’, directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard. In January Bush winked at the Colombian to collaborate on the film that he hopes to premiere in 2022.

After the Barranquilla shared a video of Gazelle, her character in the Oscar-winning film Zootopia, from 2016, also from Disney, Bush responded to the tweet by writing “Hey Shakira, we should talk,” and tagged her co-director, Howard, which would give indications of a possible collaboration of the Colombian in another Disney Studios film.

For her work on ‘Zootopia’, Shakira was even involved in the design of the character. According to the same artist, she was in the creative process of ‘Gazelle’, which, at first, she claimed to have seen very thin hips. In addition, the artist performed the title track of the film, “Try Everything,” written by Australian singer Sia, who earned a Grammy Award nomination that year for best song written for a film.

What will the story be about

After knowing the media advance of the film, Lin-Manuel Miranda, assured that the story will be about “a magical family lives in a magical place”, it is about the Madrigal, who decided to live in the countryside, near the mountains.

The detail of the magic and the butterflies that are seen in the clip, even make us think that it has an important load of the magical realism of García Márquez.

“I have been working on this for almost three years. Very proud of this music and this story. I can’t wait to share more. Super super super proud”, Miranda wrote on her twitter account.

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