These are the road closures that there will be in Bogotá for the Bad Bunny concert

These are the road closures that there will be in Bogotá for the Bad Bunny concert

2022/11/19 at 11:09 pm
2022/11/19 at 11:09 pm

The Bogotá Mobility Secretariat revealed the mobility plan that will be carried out for the Bad Bunny concert that will take place this Sunday, November 20.

The entity authorized various road closures and damages as part of the reggaeton music event, which will take place at the Nemesio Camacho el Campín stadium.

Thus, these will be the authorized road closures:

  • Closure of the north and south carriageway of Calle 53B Bis between Transversal 28 and Av. NQS, including pedestrian paths.
  • Total closure of Calle 57A between Av. NQS and North parking access and controlled closure from said access and diagonal 61C, including pedestrian paths on both sides.
  • Total closure of the two lanes of Transversal 28 between Carrera 28 and Av. Calle 57, including the path on the western side, the organizer must implement a controlled access and exit lane for residents on the eastern side. The pedestrian path on the eastern side will not be affected.
  • Total closure of Carrera 28 between Calle 53B Bis and Calle 53B, a controlled access lane should be implemented for residents of Transversal 28 (eastern side) between Calle 53B Bis and Av. Calle 57.
  • Partial closure of the eastern pedestrian path of Av. NQS between Calle 53B Bis and Calle 57A. (The location of the perimeter fence should be made on the eastern side of the bike path, without affecting it).

The road affectations will be implemented from 5 a.m. on November 20 and 6 a.m. from November 21, 2022.

Bad Bunny arrives in Bogotá, after two dates in Medellín and after passing through countries such as Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador.

Later, on his World’s Hottest Tour, he will pass through Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. Bad Bunny’s tour has been rated as the second most lucrative in the world.

According to Billboard figures, as of September 2022, it had grossed around US$123.7 million and sold more than 500,000 tickets.

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