Scott Pilgrim animated series is coming to Netflix

Scott Pilgrim animated series is coming to Netflix

Netflix is ​​working on a Scott Pilgrim animated series. The series creator and the director of the 2010 film are involved.

The contents follow each other and do not necessarily resemble each other on Netflix. The platform multiplies the creations, sometimes original, sometimes not, but it must be recognized that there is something for all tastes.

All genres, all cultures are represented. Animation is not left out, it is even a very important axis of the catalog of the giant. And here is preparing an animated series Scott Pilgrim.

Netflix is ​​working on a Scott Pilgrim animated series

Scott Pilgrim looks set to make his comeback, and not just in the video game world. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Netflix and Universal UCP – the unit behind The Umbrella Academy – are currently developing a Scott Pilgrim animated series.

It’s hard at this point to know how close or distant this new creation will be to the original graphic novels, but its creator Bryan Lee O’Malley and 2010 film director Edgar Wright will be executive producers.

Bryan Lee O’Malley will also be showrunner alongside the one to whom we owe the rebirth of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, BenDavid Grabinski. The animation, meanwhile, will be produced by the Science SARU studio.

The series creator and the director of the 2010 film are involved

It wouldn’t be surprising if this new series would stick to the main story after all: Die-hard 22-year-old flirty Scott Pilgrim, bassist in his spare time with the band Sex Bob-omb, meets the girl of his dreams.

But to conquer the heart of the mysterious Ramona Flowers, Scott must first to fight his 7 evil exes who have no other reason to exist than to seek to eliminate him. Both the graphic novels and the film drew on manga, indie rock, video games and Canadian culture.

And if Netflix has never been really shy about its ambitions towards animation, the platform has most often focused on adapting Japanese games or manga or creating original content. Here, the streaming service would therefore adapt a Western comic, and what is more is a reference that many may only know through the big screen.

Netflix’s strategy is not very clear, but this should probably be seen as a desire to expose its animation catalog to an even larger audience.

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