NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Completed Its Deployment Perfectly

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope completed its deployment perfectly

The deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope has been completed, an important and significant achievement for NASA.

The American space agency still has a very extensive mission schedule. Some are more impressive, more important, you might say, than others, it’s obvious, but each time, these are stages that count for space exploration as a whole.

So many small steps towards better knowledge, towards new technologies for Humanity. The space telescope James Webb has been generating interest lately. And the American agency signs today a nice success.

James Webb Space Telescope Deployment Complete

NASA is closer than ever to being able to commission its James Webb Space Telescope. The American space agency has just successfully deployed the main mirror covered with gold, thereby completing all the major deployments of this unique instrument.

The team in charge of the project still has to align the telescope’s optics by moving the different segments of the main mirror (which should take about a month), but it is in any case a strong indication that this device at 10 billion dollars is perfectly healthy, so to speak.

An important and significant success for NASA

The James Webb Space Telescope also requires a third correction of its trajectory to reach the Lagrange point L2 between the Earth and the Sun. Astronomers use this very important point to study infrared light without interference, which could offer them new knowledge about the beginnings of the Universe, something that is not possible with Hubble or any other similar equipment.

The first images from the telescope will not reach us until the summer and it may take even longer before these images are converted into possible meaningful discoveries. That being said, the deployment itself is a significant success, a clear success.

With the James Webb Space Telescope, this is the first time that NASA has succeeded in deploying a complex observatory in space. This shows that such projects are quite viable, although they are unlikely to multiply in the near future.

Rachel Maga
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