The first season of Sandman on Netflix it is already a success. One that seems to vindicate a complicated year of failures and setbacks for the platform. But, in addition to that, it is a triumph in the formula of adaptations with a fandom broad and consistent. The original comic, published for more than a decade by the defunct publisher Vertigo, became a generational phenomenon. And, in addition, due to its considerable extension of 75 volumes with hundreds of different narrative arcs, it is considered practically unadaptable.

But it not only managed to become a brilliant series of ten extraordinary episodes, it also It is an audience and critical success due to its quality. So the big question of whether Sandman It will be renewed for a second season. Especially after it transpired that the creative team is already working on the scripts for new chapters.

For now, what is clear is that Netflix Probably Found the Saga You’ve Been Looking For Years and that it could be transformed into a larger universe. The original plot of Sandman It is not only related to the story of Morpheus, but also extends to those of his brothers. What could serve to broaden his horizons in a massive high-impact product.

An ending that heralds a complicated story arc

The first season of Sandman covers the first two volumes of the comic. That includes Rosie Walker’s appearance, Unity Kincaid’s sacrifice, and Dream’s confession of her kind new view of the world. Also, he added some interesting data for the future of the program. Among them, the confession of the youngest member of the Eternal family, Desire, of having conspired against Morpheus. The tense scene made it clear that there would be a future confrontation between brothers with unforeseeable consequences.

However, the real climax came in the last scenes, which showed the dark landscapes of hell. In the sequence, Lucifer, after being humiliated by Dream, declares that he seeks revenge. And she is determined to carry out an attempt at total domination. Which encompasses invading the Kingdom of Dreams, the human world, and “one day, even the City of Silver.” In the end, the infernal sovereign assures that she will do something that “will make God absolutely furious and bring Morpheus to his knees.”

Therefore, it can be concluded that whatever happens in the following chapters will be a battle on two fronts. On the one hand, the well-known confrontation between Morpheus, Desire and his twin, Desperation. And, on the other side, the direct fight with the infernal hosts, commanded by their leader.

Is there a chance of a second season of Sandman?

Sandmanbased on the Neil Gaiman comic became, along with the fourth season of Stranger Things, in one of Netflix’s great successes during 2022. One especially important for the platform, which is going through a difficult time. With a substantial loss of subscribers, criticism of the quality of its content, and fierce competition, the subscription service needed a major win. One that could make its stability clear and, in addition, future projection.

Sandman represents all that and more. The series received almost unanimous approval from critics and a respectable “fresh” in Rotten Tomatoes. But more relevant still, it managed to move the millions of fans of the original material, who for years feared the result of such an adaptation.

However, the quality of the production overcame the last doubts and Netflix achieved what it had sought for years without result. A major project that can become a profitable franchise. With more than twenty story arcs still to tell, there’s enough of Sandman for a prolific future of at least four seasons.

To the above is added that the end of Stranger Things it is already a fact. What would end the flagship project and, without a doubt, the most successful of the platform. Could be Sandman your substitute? At least it has all the ballots to be.

Is the second season closer than the public can expect?

Everything seems to indicate yes. As explained by David S. Goyer, executive producer, in an interview with Den of Geek, there are already several scripts for new chapters. On the other hand, Gaiman confirmed to Bustle that some scenes were filmed that could be included in future seasons. In the author’s words, the project Sandman it is much wider than first assumed.

“We’ve shot more footage this season, ones we’d need if we ever got to season five,” Gaiman explained. “They are there and they are stored. We know how we would make the whole story of Sandman up to and including the last volume, Sandman: Opening”.

Both Goyer’s and Gaiman’s statements make it clear that Sandman is a large-scale production for Netflix. One with such relevance as to include future plans almost five years away.

Who would return for the next season?

Without confirmation, beyond the words of producers and hints about an early production, there is nothing certain about it. But judging by the season finale, it is most likely that a good part of the cast will return. That includes Tom Sturridge as Morpheus, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, and Mason Alexander Park as Wish. It is also taken for granted that Vivienne Acheampong (Lucienne), Patton Oswalt (Matthew, the raven) and Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer) will also return.

And what could be the narrative act that will be adapted in a possible sequel?

With Lucifer Morningstar seeking revenge, the adaptation that will come to the screen is that of Season of Mistsfrom 1992. In fact, Gaiman himself admitted it in an interview with Variety in which he discussed his ideas for a continuation of the series.

“If we do season 2, Morpheus is going to go back to hell. And Lucifer has some surprises in store for him. everyone who ever read mist station They know how that’s going to work.”

Another element to take into account will be the background of the love story between Nada and Morpheus. There was a brief scene of the Dream King’s love interest during the latter’s visit to Hell. A story that delves into mist station And that, with all certainty, will arrive on Netflix. In the original argument, it shows what happened between the two and the way in which they both face each other.

But in reality, season two is likely to go beyond a single graphic novel story arc. For Radio TimesGaiman made it clear that the argument could be made up of three complete volumes: country of dreams, mist station y I play to be you. “Our plans for a new season are (to include) the second two graphic novels. Technically, in this case, it will be books four and five. With some fragments of the stories from book three, scattered among other things”, detailed the writer.

New family members to meet

And although there is no information about it, it is likely that the second season will bring the rest of the celestial family to the platform. The above taking into account the graphic novels on which the adaptation will be based. Which means that it is more than likely that we will meet the mysterious brother Fate and the singular Delirio. And, of course, the so-called “prodigal son”, which is none other than Destruction. The latter is the heavenly brother who abandoned his responsibilities and disappeared without a trace of known reality.

For now, Netflix continues without confirming the expected continuation of the series. But one thing is clear: for the first time the platform you are in the privileged position of deciding what to do with a successful product. That, in a larger project that involves a group of enthusiastic fans and the author as part of the phenomenon. More than I could ask for in one of his most difficult moments.

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