Netflix will make a movie and a series of ‘Gears of War’, the popular Xbox game

Netflix will make a movie and a series of ‘Gears of War’, the popular Xbox game

surprise from Netflix. The streaming video platform ad that will join forces with The Coalition, Microsoft’s internal studio, to create a movie live action and an animated series Gears of War. Yes, one of the most popular franchises of the Xbox brand will explore the world of adaptations for the first time. While it is true that for many years there were rumors of a possible adaptation, Netflix taking the reins of both projects is completely unexpected news.

The announcement comes just on the 16th anniversary of Gears of War. The first game, developed by Epic Games, was released on the Xbox 360 in November 2006. At first it stole the spotlight for its outstanding graphics, but once it was available to everyone, it showed that it had a lot of potential and future. beyond its visual section. Over time, became an Xbox reference.

For many people, Gears of War even reached the magnitude of Halo inside the platform. Especially since the adventures of Master Chief began to decline after the departure of Bungie. Epic Games, on the other hand, maintained a quality bar with its saga. The famous squad, made up of characters like Marcus Phoenix, Anthony Carmine, Dominic Santiago, Augustus Cole “Train Cole”, Baird and Minh Young Kim, took us by the hand through situations of frenetic action and unforgettable scenarios facing the Locust. His engaging storytelling, of course, fueled his popularity.


“Gears of War premiered 16 years ago today, and to mark the occasion, Netflix has partnered with The Coalition to adapt the video game saga Gears of War to a movie live actionfollowed by an animated series for adults, with the potential for more stories to develop,” Netflix mentions.

Of course, most eyes will be on the film. The reason? because it is an adaptation live action; with all the risks that this entails. In this type of production there are usually no halftones, and with the film of Gears of War will not be the exception. Either you break it, or you fail in the attempt…

For many years there has been speculation about who will be the actors who will give life to the Delta Squad. Will we finally see Dave Batista at the feet of Marcus Fénix? That is what many want, but for now there is no official information about it. We also don’t know when it will be released, but we shouldn’t be surprised if its release coincides with the arrival of a new game. The Coalition is surely working on Gears 6.

Although they will be the first steps of Gears of War In the field of movies and series, Microsoft is no longer alien to these projects. During this year, those from Redmond, hand in hand with Paramount, made possible the series of Halo. The reception of him, yes, was not entirely positive.

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