Netflix: Season 2 of hit series Squid Game officially confirmed!

Netflix: Season 2 of hit series Squid Game officially confirmed!

In autumn 2021, the South Korean series Squid Game conquered the world within a very short time. It even went so far that education ministries in Germany warned against Netflix production because children were reenacting the brutal games in the playground.

That gave the streaming provider record viewership and a lot of revenue – and that’s just one reason why no other provider can hold a candle to the pioneer. A second season of Squid has now been officially confirmed.

Second season is officially coming

The second season of the hype series Netflix co-boss Ted Sarandos officially announced, who is also the boss responsible for all Netflix content.

The announcement came at a conference to present the company’s latest quarterly earnings on demand for Squid Game.

It shouldn’t stay with the series

“Absolutely,” affirmed Sarandos. “The Squid Game universe is just beginning”. So it shouldn’t stay with another season of the series.

In addition, it should also be apart from the Merchandise, games and other offers. Netflix already offers the same for other very popular series such as Stranger Things or Bridgerton.

When is the second season coming?

Also the Squid Game maker Hwang Dong-hyuk hinted at a second season in the past. “I almost think you’re giving us no other choice!” the South Korean director and screenwriter asserted.The next season is currently being planned. So it might take a while before the brutal games for big money go into the second round.

What is known about the new season?

Lead actor Lee Jung-jae is also scheduled to appear in the second season starring again, so Dong-hyuk. Otherwise not much is known.

Squid Game attracted a lot of attention at Netflix in autumn 2021 and many new subscribers who were willing to pay. Also the surprise success was able to garner three Golden Globe Awards.

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