Each month, Netflix subscribers have the opportunity to discover new films and TV series in the catalog. For this month of May 2021, the sVoD platform offers a most enticing program, for young and old.

If there is one thing that subscribers Netflix appreciate is that the platform spoils them every month. So what can we watch to spend this month of June in front of his screen? Without further ado, here are the series and films that will arrive later this month. The list is not exhaustive, and that’s not counting the surprise announcements.

As usual, there will still be something for everyone. Original series, original films and new entries from other studios. And as always, documentaries and other content dedicated to young people. No time to get bored. Especially since some cult titles are appearing in the catalog this month.

Here is a small selection of new content that we will be happy to watch on the streaming platform.

New Netflix original series

Three meters above the sky (Season 2) – 03/06

Feel Good (Saison 2) – 04/06

Sweet Tooth (Saison 1) – 04/06
On a perilous adventure through a post-apocalyptic world, an adorable half-human, half-deer boy seeks a new beginning in the company of a gruff protector.

It’s crisp (Season 1) – 09/06

Lupine (Part 2) – 11/06
Wanting revenge on Pellegrini, Assane destroyed his own family. Cornered, he is forced to devise a new plan to eliminate Pellegrini. Even if it means putting oneself in danger.

Workin’ Moms (Saison 5) – 15/06

Black Summer (Saison 2) – 17/06

Atiye (Season 3) – 17/06

Elite (Season 4) – 18/06
Las Encinas welcomes a firm director and four new students who bring their share of mystery, crazy rumors and romantic intrigue.

Nevertheless (Saison 1) – 6/19 at 6 p.m.

The naked director (Saison 2) – 24/06

Black Lightning (Saison 4) – 29/06
Guilt-stricken, Jefferson vows to put his exploits behind him. But recent threats to Freeland and the Metas bring all of the Pierces back into the fray.

Not even worth it – Coming soon

New Netflix movies

Carnival – 02/06

Dance with the queens – 03/06

We no longer stop the Kandasamys – 04/06

Xtreme – 04/06

Awake – 09/06
After a planetary catastrophe deprives humanity of its sleep, an ex-soldier fights to protect her family as society and her sanity threaten to collapse.

An outstanding dad – 18/06
After the death of his wife, a new father (Kevin Hart) takes the reins of the most difficult job in the world: that of parenting. Inspired by a True Story.

The house of flowers: Le film – 23/06
The De La Mora children concoct a formidable plan to break into their old family home and recover a most important hidden treasure.

America: The movies – 30/06
In a satire of the American Revolution, George Washington arms himself with a chainsaw to eliminate the British with his friend and beer fan Sam Adams.

Prime Time – 30/06

Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens – Coming soon

Original content for children

The dragon-genius – 11/06
As he wishes to reconnect with his childhood best friend, Din meets a dragon capable of granting wishes and who reveals the magic of possibilities to him.

Nursery Rhyme (Season 2) – 15/06
Always so inventive, the Pâquerette and Paul duo are back to solve new problems as a team and in song, with their nursery rhyme friends.

Netflix original documentaries

Our planet has its limits: Science alert – 04/06
David Attenborough and scientist Johan Rockström are studying the collapse of terrestrial biodiversity and how disaster can still be avoided.

Cats, this is really us – 05/06

Free your mind – 15/06

The Cape of the Penguins (Season 1) – 16/06

This is pop (Saison 1) – 22/06

Murders on the Costa Del Sol: The Wanninkhof-Carabantes affair – 23/06

Three sisters in the starting blocks – 24/06

Chronicle of a murder: The Toscan Du Plantier affair (Mini-series) – 30/06

Netflix original animes

Trese: Between Two Worlds (Season 1) – 11/06
In Manila, where mythical creatures of Filipino folklore hide among humans, Alexandra Trese does not hesitate to pit herself against the underworld.

Valkyrie Apocalypse (Saison 1) – Coming soon
As the gods gauge the fate of humanity, a lone valkyrie offers a final duel between 13 gods and 13 deadly champions. From the eponymous manga.

The films joining the catalog this month

Delicacy – 01/06
After the death of her husband, Nathalie immersed herself in her work for several years. But one day, she begins an unlikely romance with her colleague, Markus, who will give her back a taste for life.

Welcome to Zombieland – 01/06
Zombies have taken over Earth. A cautious loner teams up with a daredevil and two clever sisters in hopes of making it to Los Angeles.

Stuart Little – 01/06

At the end of the tale – 01/06

Black Snake: The Legend of the Black Snake – 21/06

Wonder Boy – 26/06

The series joining the catalog this month

Vikings (Season 6 Part A) – 05/06
Björn now rules over Kattegat and strives to earn the throne while making tough decisions. But Ivar is not ready to give it to him so easily.

The Sinner (Saison 3) – 20/06

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