Actors from “House of Paper: Korea” star in a new story packed with physical prowess and emotional dilemmas

Netflix reunites two stars from The House of Paper: Korea to deliver a new action film centered on a journey of revenge, with a female character reminiscent of their most recent hit The Glory. The film Bailarina will enter its catalog on October 6, the same day it debuts at the Busan International Film Festival.

"Ballerina" reunites director Lee Chung-hyun and actress Jeon Jong-seo after collaborating on "The Telephone." (Netflix)

“Ballerina” reunites director Lee Chung-hyun and actress Jeon Jong-seo after collaborating on “The Telephone.” (Netflix)

The plot delves into the life of Ok Ju (Jeon Jong Seo), a former bodyguard with an impressive skill set ranging from martial arts, sword fighting and even weapons handling. She will embark on a hunt to the death against Pro Choi (Kim Ji Hoon), responsible for the death of her close friend, ballet dancer Min Hee (Park Yu Rim). The film promises peaks of adrenaline, drama and intrigue.

“There’s something I have to do… kind of like hunting,” Ok-ju says in the recent official teaser, setting a tense tone. What follows is a vision of her, her face hardened and splattered with blood, standing next to a corpse, while suspenseful music underscores the tension. The beautiful ballet scenes create a brutal contrast, depicting control and calculated chaos.

A new generation for Korean cinema

The young director, Lee Chung Hyun, has been rapidly gaining prominence in the South Korean film industry. His debut was with The Telephone, also starring Jong Seo. The film was a commercial success and made him one of the most promising filmmakers in his country. In addition, the two artists later confirmed that they were romantically involved in a relationship that continues to this day.

But the international popularity of the lead actress did not come until her role as Tokio in the adaptation of the Spanish series La casa de papel. Ji Hoon, who played Denver in the same production, has also appeared in other projects such as Behind Every Star and Flower Boy Next Door.

Yu Rim on the other hand, marks her first main cast role since her debut in the series Dxyz in 2017. She previously had cameos in major titles such as My First Real Love and Woo, A Lawyer Extraordinaire.

The action thriller and suspense thriller, Ballerina will premiere on the Netflix platform on October 6, 2023.

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