Recently, it has been reported that the platform of HBO has dethroned Netflix and has crushed the competition with a total of 38 awards, in addition to an undisputed victory in the main categories.

Like every year since we have lived immersed in what we could well call the “streaming wars”, the distribution of the Emmy invites us to take out the calculator and scrutinize what the results of the different platforms have been.

However, you must be very careful, since this year 2022 has brought an epic comeback under your arm after a 2021 almost of record.

It should be noted that last year, we witnessed a true display of muscle and power by a Netflix that equaled the milestone achieved by CBS in 1974 after taking 44 awards, completely eclipsing its competitors.

In this way, to get an idea of ​​the blow of authority, we only have to verify that HBO and HBO Max, its immediate pursuers, “only” added a total of 19 awards.

On this occasion, the subsidiary of WarnerMedia and its streaming platform managed to turn the tables after amassing a total of 37 Emmy in the “primetime” categories and another 25 in the technical and creative categories.

A not insignificant amount boosted by the resounding triumph of ‘The White Lotus’ with 10 statuettes, and by productions such as ‘Succession’ 4, ‘Euphoria’ 6 and ‘Hacks’ 3.

Then, in second position we find Netflix, awarded 26 times, of which 23 were in technical and creative categories.

The remaining three, in main categories, came from the victories of ‘The Squid Game’ with Lee Jung-jae and Hwang Dong-hyuk honored as best actor and best drama director respectively, and ‘Ozark’ Emmy for best supporting actress.

In this way, once the first two positions have been overcome, the middle part of the table is quite tight, with Hulu and Apple TV + technically tied with 8 and 7 awards respectively.

However, the apple platform wins in the “primetime” categories, with four statuettes courtesy of ‘Ted Lasso’ and against Hulu’s two for ‘Dopesick’ and ‘The Dropout’ in interpretive categories.

And finally, and after NBC’s seven victories, one in primetime and six in technical and creative, the poor results of Disney+ are shocking, which only won six awards in the technical and creative section, and those of an Amazon Prime that he won a “primetime” award among his six total victories.

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