We have started another week and with it come more premieres to the famous platform Netflix to give it all these next seven days, so pay attention so you don’t miss these unparalleled news.

The week has started with the best fun that Netflix can offer with the premieres that arrive on the platform this Monday.

Thus, as part of its strategy to continue as the leading platform in the battle for subscribers, Netflix constantly renews its catalog, so this Monday, September 5, will not be the exception, and we will mention what the 3 films that we recommend that they arrive as a premiere this week.

It should be noted that the 3 movies that we recommend can help you save search time within Netflix and thus have more space to enjoy the great works that will be premiered in the leading application for content within the platform.

So without further fuss, here is the list of premieres that Netflix brings for this Monday, September 5, 2022:


If you are looking for a romantic comedy, this Monday, September 5, ‘Diorama’ will arrive on Netflix, a novel work for lovers of the genre who are looking to experiment with films with an air of independent cinema that come to the platform.

As misunderstandings and temptations mount, a once-passionate marriage slowly begins to unravel. Narrated through funny dioramas.


A futuristic dystopia in the form of a comedy that shows us what human life would be like if the devices with which we interact developed a sarcastic and very despotic interface, if you want to find out, don’t miss the premiere of this film this Monday, September 5 at Netflix.

Mary Queen of Scots

Another of the great premieres that arrive on Netflix this Monday, September 5, will undoubtedly be Mary Queen of Scotland, the period film starring Margot Robbie will make its debut on the platform and hopes to become one of the great darlings of the public.

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