Danny Ocean kicked off the week of musical premieres by revealing “Istambul”, a preview of his long-awaited second album.

Also, Karol G and Becky G come together to sing to women in “Mamiii”. Sofía Reyes and María Becerra sing to unfaithful men in “Marte” and Rauw Alejandro presents us with “Caprichoso”.

In Zona Pop Citizen Free Press We collect some of the most notable premieres. See the list, along with their music videos, of the premieres of the second week of February 2022.

You can also enjoy these songs in this playlist of the 2022 releases on Spotify.

Musical premieres of the week:

“Istambul”, Danny Ocean

Venezuelan singer Danny Ocean arrives at our music premieres of the week in 2022 with “Istambul”, the preview of his album @dannocean, which he releases on February 17.

The theme shows the other side of Ocean, without his characteristic cap and a darker facet in general.

“Istanbul It’s a special song for me because I wrote it with my very good friend, Elena Rose. It was produced by Mag, my long-time collaborator. The song is about someone who walks away from your life who you love very much and for whom you did everything. We called it ‘Istanbul’ because we had mentioned it in the second verse when we wrote it and we ended up liking it for the chorus. It’s also a place I’d love to visit,” Ocean said in a statement.

“Mamiii”, Becky G y Karol G

This song is being widely commented on social networks, because of what they say, it is Karol G’s indirection to their previous relationship. The truth is that Becky G and Karol G came together to sing to the powerful and independent woman.

The track also pays homage to legendary Mexican singer Paquita La del Barrio with her classic song, “Rata de Dos Patas.”

The song was written by the performers together with Elena Rose and Ovy On The Drums, who also produced it.

“Caprichoso”, Raw Alejandro

And Rauw Alejandro returns to our list of musical premieres with “Caprichoso”, the first advance from the EP “Trap Cake Vol. 2”.

The theme was produced by Rvssian, while the video clip was recorded in Virginia Key, Florida, with the direction of LateMilk.

“Mars”, Sofia Reyes and Maria Becerra

Mexican singer Sofía Reyes recruited Argentine María Becerra to go to “Mars” and sing to unfaithful men in this single.

This is the song that presents “Mal de Amores”, the second album of the Mexican, on which she worked for almost six years.

“Mars celebrates the courage that comes with being vulnerable and putting limits on what hurts you. Letting go,” Reyes said in a statement.

“Like the flower”, Francisca Valenzuela

And we close the main list of our musical premieres with the Chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela, who was vulnerable in her new single “Como la flor”. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because it also pays tribute to that legendary song by the queen of Tex-Mex, Selena Quintanilla.

The theme was produced by Ali Stone and Sebastián Krys.

Valenzuela said in a statement that the song was written during the pandemic, at a difficult time for everyone, and “I felt that my idols, the artists I love, accompanied me.”

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