• In an interview, actor Mel Gibson announced that the script for the fifth film in the “Lethal Weapon” saga is ready, but after changes in the Warner Bros. administration, filming could be in the first months of 2023.

Along with the “Mad Max” film series, Mel Gibson gained worldwide fame thanks to the “Lethal Weapon” saga, made up of action films with touches of comedy that were successful at the box office. Now it seems that everything is ready for production to begin on the fifth film in which Gibson would again play detective Martin Riggs and Danny Glover would play his partner Roger Murtaugh.

In an interview for Screen Rant, the actor gave details about the project, after the death of Richard Donner (director of the four films released so far) last year and after it was announced that he would take over as director for this new tape: “Everything is going very well. We have a very good script that I developed. Well, of course Richard Donner developed it together with Richard Wenk. I had the honor of sitting down with the writer after Richard passed away and did a couple more drafts, trying to do it in the spirit of what we thought Donner might want, since I knew him so well. We tried to get that “flavour” and were very happy with what we came up with.”

Finally, Mel detailed what the obstacles have been so that the production of the film has been delayed a bit: “The only delay is now with all the reorganization at Warners, with the arrival of Discovery and the new boss… These companies always like It takes time to regroup, so it’s been a delay, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get this thing up, we’ll probably shoot it in the first quarter of the New Year (2023).” What is not yet known is whether “Lethal weapon 5” will be released via streaming -on HBO Max- or exclusively in theaters.

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