MasterChef Celebrity: David Bustamante bursts into tears on the first day

MasterChef Celebrity: David Bustamante bursts into tears on the first day

The singer, who worked very hard on the first day despite a lack of knowledge, managed to compensate for his inexperience

David Bustamante add a new contest to his career path. The singer began his participation yesterday in a new edition of MasterChef Celebrity.

As energetic as ever, the Cantabrian has not stopped singing throughout the program and has shared an apron in the first outdoor test with Julian Iantzi, Miki Nadal, Belén López, Yotuel, Verónica Forqué, Samantha Hudson and Victoria Abril.

The first row occurred when Pepe Rodriguez reproached him for wasting ingredients. Bustamante could not help but be overwhelmed and desperate he wondered “More than sinking into misery?”.

A situation that seemed to overwhelm him. However, at the end of the test the chef from El Bohío praised the singer’s “man orchestra” quality, capable of doing everything, including singing and cooking.

Bustamante assured himself a new week in the culinary contest. “I think your work has been brilliant. For us you have been the best candidate of the test. You are a hard worker, you have been to all of them, without losing the illusion and wanting to be everywhere. You make your colleagues feel comfortable working with you. And that is also very important in the kitchen”, the judges valued.

The singer, with tears in his eyes, confessed that he has worked very hard for this test: “Personally, I felt like the black sheep because I thought that having me on a team was going to be a weak point. And that is why I have tried to work to the maximum to beg for my shortcomings”.

In addition, Bustamante took advantage of some moment between tests to confess to his partner Miki Nadal that he had no experience cooking and that he had learned to do it for his daughter Daniella.

David Bustamante and Paula Echevarría decided to break their relationship in 2018, so he has to take care of his daughter by having joint custody.

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