Mass Effect with Henry Cavill? Witcher Actor teases New Project

Mass Effect with Henry Cavill? Witcher Actor teases New Project

Henry Cavill could appear in Mass Effect anytime soon. At least the actor himself puts the possibility into the room.
Henry Cavill could appear in Mass Effect anytime soon. At least the actor himself puts the possibility into the room.

Will Henry Cavill be part of the Mass Effect universe? The actor behind roles like Superman or the witcher Geralt von Rivia in the Witcher series teases that on Instagram. On the social media platform, Cavill shared a picture with a script that had been made illegible. But this is quickly visible again with a few tricks and reveals terms that are known from Mass Effect.

This of course sparked speculation. Will Henry Cavill play a role in the next Mass Effect game that BioWare is currently working on? Or is there a movie or TV series about the sci-fi franchise in the works?

Henry Cavill and Mass Effect

That happened: On February 24, 2021, Henry Cavill shared a post on Instagram, which he subtitled with the promising text: “A secret project? Or just a pile of papers with randomly selected words on it. I guess you’ll just have to wait a bit and then you’ll see.” You can see him himself being made up by stylists – with some documents in hand.

This can be seen on the paper: The colleagues of the US website GamePressure did not have to wait long and chased the Instagram photo of Henry Cavill with the defaced script through the Focus Magic software. This made it possible to make visible what can be read on the paper.

The words “Cerberus”, “Tali’Zorah” and “Geth” can be recognized – which of course alludes quite clearly to the video games Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3: The Cerberus organization put one first in the last two parts of the Shepard trilogy important allies, then a bitter enemy.

The geth are, in turn, an artificial intelligence in the Mass Effect universe, who are at odds with the quarians. And of course Tali is a loyal member of the Normandy crew, with whom Commander Shepard can even enter into a romance – depending on how the player decides.

What Mass Effect fans could expect

What does that mean now? Henry Cavill’s promising teaser has of course sparked quite a bit of speculation among Mass Effect fans. What exactly Cavill is promising on Instagram is not officially known at the moment. There are three very obvious assumptions that can be made for this:

  • Henry Cavill plays a role in the upcoming Mass Effect 5
  • Henry Cavill could become the star of a potential Mass Effect movie
  • Henry Cavill could be the focus of a possible Mass Effect TV series.

Filming was already planned: It is not known whether a Mass Effect film or TV series is currently in development. In fact, a film adaptation of the Legendary Pictures studio was announced in 2010. From 2013 onwards, however, the project became silent and since then there has been no more news.

So the project could have been put on hold since then – but the fact that the concept was picked up again or perhaps even turned into a TV series is not entirely absurd. The fact that Henry Cavill is made up in the picture seems to contradict a pure voice actor role. However, it is of course not said that Cavill is not in the Witcher mask while reading – at least his look in the picture does not scream “Mass Effect”.

Henry Cavill has already delighted numerous video game fans in the role of the witcher Geralt. The Netflix series The Witcher is based on the novels by? Andrzej Sapkowski.

Henry Cavill and his passion for gaming

That Henry Cavill would be exactly the right person for a role in the Mass Effect universe should be obvious to many fans: The actor claimed to be a passionate gamer and won the hearts of numerous viewers, for example, with his PC assembly videos.

Cavill’s affinity for World of Warcraft or The Witcher 3 only made him more personable for many video gamers. And then of course there is Henry Cavill’s role as the witcher Geralt von Rivia in the Netflix series The Witcher, which is based on the novels by author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Should Henry Cavill actually play a role in a Mass Effect game, a film or a series about the universe in the near future, the Superman actor was probably the right candidate.

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