Of Mr. Pink, as he calls himself on his social profiles, there is little left: Machine Gun Kelly has abandoned the pink color that he wore in his hair and has returned to blonde. Thus, with his platinum hair again, we have seen him at the last two promotional events for Taurus, the film he has written and in which he stars with his girlfriend for more than two years, Megan Fox. In these appearances there has been something very more striking and talked about than her new hair color: where was Megan? The absence of the actress has surprised twice. First, because it is common to see the couple united and showing signs of affection in all kinds of public acts; second, because it so happens that Fox is an essential part of the film.

The first time Machine Gun Kelly appeared to talk about Taurus was at the Newport Beach Film Festival. She came with an original suit of shirt, jacket and satin pants, with a flower print. No trace of Megan, his inseparable rocker girlfriend: neither in the images of the event nor among the public.

Megan Fox’s romantic proposal with an impressive ring designed by her fiancé

Again, absent in San Diego

The second time we have been able to appreciate this “noisy” absence was last weekend, at the San Diego International Film Festival. With a cobalt blue suit and the presence of the other two producers of the tape, Kelly was again alone, without Megan among the guests. You would think that her responsibilities prevented her from attending, but at the moment the actress does not seem to be shooting any other films. In addition, both Newport and San Diego are in California, a state in which they both reside, so it would not have been difficult for him to be there.

Be that as it may, it is strange not to see her with the musician. Since January, when they got engaged after months of rumours, her appearances have been relatively frequent…until the summer. In June, during the premiere of Taurus in Tribeca, Megan was not only accompanying him, but we were also able to see the couple together with the director and another of the protagonists in a forum organized at the festival about the film. It is, until today, the last time that she has been present at a promotional event for Taurus. Are problems coming in the couple or is it a simple coincidence that has set off all the alarms and generates noise around the premiere?

What is ‘Taurus’ about?

Taurus already has an interesting tour in festivals. The critics do not agree, although the positive comments stand out. The story revolves around the last days of Cole, a troubled musician played by Colson Baker (the real name of Machine Gun Kelly). Ruby Rose (Orange Is the New Black) plays a drug dealer, and Megan plays her ex-girlfriend. In this process of self-destruction, Cole desperately tries to compose one last song. The story, as narrated by the specialized press, tries to reflect the dark side of fame and how the music industry creates idols that later end tragically, something that we have seen in cases like that of the late Amy Winehouse.

The film, inspired by the life of Machine Gun Kelly, is scheduled to be released on November 18 and will delight not only the rapper’s fans, but also those who follow the adventures of the curious couple that Megan and he form. Hopefully the absence of the actress is not a harbinger of a crisis between the two…

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