Kim Kardashian wants to keep all of Kanye West’s Grammy Awards

Kim Kardashian wants to keep all of Kanye West’s Grammy Awards

Kim Kardashian has tried to maintain as cordial a relationship as possible with her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West, following her separation and subsequent divorce last year. This strategy has had very different results for the celebrity, who has not been able to prevent the artist from harshly attacking her on social networks, her and her media family, while airing her dirtiest rags.

What the socialite has achieved in these turbulent times has been to keep each and every one of the Grammy awards that her ex has been reaping after her breakup. This has been confirmed by herself in the latest episode of her reality show ‘Las Kardashian’, in which she has revealed details of some of the most tense telephone conversations she has had lately with the hip hop star, who, by the way, will return to run for president of the United States in two years.

“Kanye doesn’t usually give a damn about this kind of stuff, so it doesn’t take long for him to get rid of as much as he can. But he also knows that I’m very protective and that I want to keep these things for the kids. Even at the time when he wouldn’t talk to me and he was so mad, he won a bunch of grammys and I talked to him. I said, ‘I know you’ve won a few grammys. I have to add them to the collection.’ I remembered that I want them all together for our children,” he confessed in an excerpt from the chapter.

As far as her sentimental future is concerned, the businesswoman has not given too many clues in recent weeks, although she would have spoken, in private, about the courtship that is now attributed to another of her most famous ex-partners, the comedian Pete Davidson, and famed model Emily Ratajkowski. Apparently, Kim is delighted with the news, since she will undoubtedly have helped them turn the page and look forward.

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