Karol G’s minishort opened in the middle of her concert in Las Vegas and showed more than the bill

Singer Karol G suffered an accident with one of her outfits during the first concert of her tour in Las Vegas. We show you what happened

The first concert that Karol G performed in Las Vegas, Nevada, to open her tour ‘Mañana Será Bonito Tour’, continues to generate news. This time for the incident that the Colombian suffered on stage with one of the outfits she wore.

It was the white set of bombshell minishort and a bra with long sleeves of the same style by French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, better known as Jacquemus. The sensual outfit made ‘La Bichota’ look spectacular, but by accident while dancing she ended up showing too much.

When she was singing and dancing Cairo, Carolina Giraldo-as is her real name- began to take a few bouncing steps and it was then that the shorts opened and a little bit of the top of her intimate area was seen.

In the video that has gone viral on social networks, netizens have commented that the bra also looked like it was going to open at any moment, but it didn’t happen.

The performer of ‘Mientras Me Curo El Cora’ noticed what happened and, trying not to make a fuss, or make it more uncomfortable for herself, she fixed the zipper of her shorts and continued giving the show.

@lupiitatrujiillo8 Mi ex tenia razon 🤍 #karolg #MSB #karolgconcert #karolgconcertvegas #vegas ♬ sonido original – Lupiita Trujiillo

She sang ‘Mi Ex Tenía Razón’ for the first time

The concert in Las Vegas was held on the same day that Karol G’s new album titled ‘Mañana Será Bonito (Bichota Season)’ was released, which is the second part of the one that was released on February 24.

One of the 10 songs on this album is ‘Mi Ex Tenía Razón’, a track that she herself said at the show, “It might be probably one of the favorite songs that I’ve ever done in my whole life.”

As she walked on stage showing off her rear and defined abdomen with the sensual ‘outfit’ of the accident, Carolina told her fans that she knew they didn’t know the lyrics because of how soon the album came out and sang them to them.

“With you the days at the beach give me more warmth. Because of you I forgot the past and I don’t hold grudges… Baby in bed you cured me of everything that hurt me… You made me beat where my heart no longer beat. I believe you… when you tell me my love”, is part of what you can hear ‘La Bichota’ singing.

This song is a challenge for Karol G because she decided to record it in the regional Mexican genre to honor a singer who became her idol since she was a child, the late Selena Quintanilla.

‘Mi Ex Tenía Razón’ would also be the slap with white gloves that Carolina Giraldo would be giving to her ex-boyfriend, the rapper Anuel AA, after he dedicated the controversial song ‘Mejor Que Yo’ a few months ago.

With this song Karol G would be declaring how in love she is and how well she is doing in her relationship with singer Feid, with whom a few weeks ago she was seen holding hands arriving to a concert together.

What are the songs on the new album?

In ‘Bichota Season’ the singer-songwriter from Medellin had the collaboration of artists such as Peso Pluma, Tiesto, Young Miko, among others who helped to boost the album loaded with lots of perreo.

Within hours of the release of the musical work, it became number one on various digital music platforms in countries such as the United States, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Panama.

The tracklists of his new album are:

  • ‘Bichota G’
  • Oki doki
  • ‘Mi ex tenía razón’ (My ex was right)
  • ‘S91’
  • ‘Qlona’ feat. Peso Pluma
  • ‘One night in Medellín RMX’
  • ‘Me tengo que ir’ feat. Kali Uchis
  • ‘Gatita gangster’ feat. Dei V
  • ‘Dispo’ feat. Young Miko
  • ‘Provenza (Tiesto RMX)’

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