• Grupo Firme breaks the record of Vicente Fernández in the Zócalo of Mexico: 280 thousand people and 150 injured

They caused euphoria! The regional Mexican band Grupo Firme and its vocalist Eduin Caz managed to get 280 thousand people into the Zócalo of Mexico City. The public jumped fences and the havoc ended with 150 people injured


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Grupo Firme, whose vocalist is Eduin Caz, caused tremendous havoc and broke a massive record from the Zócalo in Mexico City. In the past, the late Vicente Fernández had managed to get 200,000 people. The Mexican regional group repeated the feat achieving a capacity of 280 thousand attendees who did not stop singing and dancing their songs.

But the concert also brought about some havoc. Until the moment of closing this note there were 150 wounded. Some of the attendees of the Grupo Firme concert in the Zócalo of Mexico City tried not only to enter through the fences that they broke, but also ran in a stampede. Obviously the police had to take away many detained people. There is no doubt that the euphoria that Eduin Caz and other members unleashed has been historic.

Grupo Firme has been on tour for a long time and we already knew that their concerts are quite joyful and it is not precisely the limits that are included in them. As each of its members are, they love the party and the joy without looking to the sides. However, everything seems to indicate that they themselves did not think they would achieve this great capacity of 280,000 people.

They also did not think that so many people would end up injured. Although 150 is probably a small number compared to the number of people who were in the place. Amen who did not report any serious. In the past, the only one who had achieved a similar feat was Vicente Fernández himself, who reached 200,000 people.

On the other hand, Jhonny Caz, a member of Grupo Firme, was in a kind of infirmary and they were cooking part of his chin, since he ended up in an accident. Apparently his brother Eduin Caz was the one who fell from a chair but ironically the one who ended up with a broken face was this one.

Just recently, Grupo Firme vocalist Eduin Caz unveiled his new video clip “Después de la 12 Remix” in the company of none other than Ovi, one of the best producers of the urban genre, and Kimberly Loaiza. The latter is one of the most important influencers in Mexico. This would be the first time that Eduin Caz records in the urban genre and is seen dressed like a reggaeton singer. He expects everyone to support him.

For its part, Grupo Firme will continue with a series of presentations in what remains of Mexico and some cities in the United States to end the year. But without a doubt, the band is consecrated as one of the favorites in the next Billboard Latin music to be performed in the city of Miami. Of course, also as one of the favorites at the next Latin Grammy 2022 that will take place on November 17 in the city of Las Vegas and will be seen through Univision.

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