Bad Bunny started 2023 embroiled in a lot of controversy as he pulled out a fan’s cell phone and in recent weeks rumors have also started that the reggaeton player might start a relationship with Kendall Jenner.

Given this, the famous remained hermetic with his statements and even ceased to have activity in the networks. However, in the early hours of Friday, February 24, Gorillaz release their new album cracker island, who has a single with bad bunny called Storm.

The hit quickly began to climb in number of reproductions and the reactions of Internet users were not long in coming. However, although many of them were very happy with the single, others were disappointed because apparently the Gorillaz style was not so present in the melody.

“Well Cracker Island by Gorillaz is out, the song with Bad Bunny is cool but it sounds like it’s just him.” “I didn’t hear any gorillas singing the song Bad Bunny with Gorillaz.” “Although Bad Bunny dominates most of the theme, I think the essence of Gorillaz is preserved in its entirety. How cool that instead of dividing or discriminating genres, artists come together with new and fresh collaborations”, are some of the mentions that appear in Twitter.

Before the premiere of Storm, Apple Music shared from his channel Youtube an interview with Damon Albarn, the leader of Gorillaz, who did not hesitate to explain how his collaboration with Bad Bunny was born.

The performer of hits like Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc. oh new gold He expressed his admiration for the Latino.

“He has a fabulous voice. He has a nice, serious voice. I can’t compete with her.” underline.

Likewise, regarding when the song was recorded, Albarn pointed out that it gave the reggaeton singer his space to harness his talent.

“Merely I’m leaving right away, then backtrack a bit at the end. You know what you are doing, you can immediately connect to your emotion. Look, that’s the trick, is not to get stuck. It’s not blocked at all,” he said.

In another conversation, Damon had with Chain In September 2021, he explained that he disagrees with the prejudices people may have about reggaeton.

“I don’t care what people think, I always do what I think can make good music, You know?” added the Briton.

The sun rises in the middle of the storm

someone is crying

something was said

someone is crying

And take advantage of me today

I leave tomorrow

And I don’t know when I’ll be back

If in your eyes I get lost

And take advantage of me today

I leave tomorrow

And I don’t know when I’ll be back

If in your eyes I get lost

and no one asked

but we are here

I don’t know if it was God

but i think i saw it

when you kissed me

I don’t know when you arrived

But I don’t want you to go

you make the contrast

with all this mess

What should I live?

You have the cure for fear

I see everything clear even if the light has gone out

Hey, take advantage of me today…

And I don’t wanna see the world burn

But something so beautiful can’t be missed

The clock wants to bite us

But in your arms I will hide

So they can’t find me

Everybody’s always watching

But they don’t know what it feels like

Cross with me before the bridge breaks

And fuck the rest

Who says what is right?

If love was never perfect

I hope this moment is forever

But otherwise…

take advantage of me today

someone is crying

something was said

someone is crying

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