George Clooney and Julia Roberts to reunite on screen for romantic comedy

George Clooney and Julia Roberts to reunite on screen for romantic comedy

Two of the biggest names in Hollywood will meet again for a common project. Universal Pictures confirmed that Julia Roberts and George Clooney will be helming Ticket to Paradise, a romantic comedy that will begin filming this year. The director in charge of the feature film is Ol Parker, responsible for Mamma Mia! Let’s go again, and screenwriter of The Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Regarding the plot, the story will follow a separated marriage, who meet with a common goal, to travel to Bali to prevent the wedding of their daughter. They believe that the young woman could repeat the mistake of both, who married at a young age, only to be divorced shortly after. As expected, the trip will end up meeting the protagonists again, who could have a new approach.

Clooney and Roberts have been friends for a long time, and this isn’t the first time they’ve shared a feature film. Their first job together was in The Great Scam, in 2001, in which they also played an ex-partner who, as part of an ambitious robbery in Las Vegas, ended up reconciled. Both reprized roles shortly after, in the sequel to that film. In 2016 they coincided again in The Money Master, a film directed by Jodie Foster, which did not receive the expected criticism.

Ticket to Paradise marks the return of Clooney and Roberts to a project for the big screen, after a time devoted to television. The actor recently starred in the Netflix film , Midnight Sky, and in 2019 he was in charge of the miniseries Trampa 22. Regarding the actress’s work, her last important role was in 2018, as a central figure in the first season of the television fiction Homecoming.

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