Following the critical and commercial success of Dune , the production did not wait long before formalizing a sequel. It must be said that only the first part of the dense story told by Frank Herbert in his novels has been treated. Little wonder that viewers are waiting for the end of this great story with a date set for Dune 2 : October 18, 2023 . In the meantime, the team returns to the sets because the director Denis Villeneuve did not shoot the second part. Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya or even Josh Brolin, expect the return of a cast of stars. Dune is an auteur blockbuster. A huge budget and big special effects at the service of a deep plot with many subtleties.

The opportunity for the technician to tell us more about this sequel that promises to be even more grandiose.

The director of photography tells us more

We will have to wait a little less than two years to see the second part of Dune 2 . And Greig Fraser, director of photography, speaks precisely of the film during an interview. The opportunity to teaser an even bigger and more exciting sequel.

I was trained by Disney and Lucasfilm not to give you scoops . But I can tell you that this is a bigger story. I read the script and I’m even more blown away than the first movie. I am very excited.

I was sitting in a meeting with Denis [Villeneuve, the director], Patrice [Vermette] and Paul [Lambert] the other day at his house to talk [about Dune 2 ]. I turned to Denis and said, “ I can’t believe people are paying us to do this ”. It’s insane. They pay us to do these exciting and amazing projects. I can tell you it’s bigger and more exciting.

Greig Fraser

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