The rapper, who is haunted by a certain reputation for jinx, earned almost triple

Argentine fans tend to be very superstitious, for the most part, so having the support of a personality like rapper Drake was far from good news. The popular rapper has a reputation for bringing bad luck, which led to fears for the worst when they found out about his bet.

Drake has shared on his instagram account a screenshot of what was at stake for Argentina’s victory in the World Cup final against France: he has put $1,000,000 into what Scaloni’s team wins.

Given the precedents, it was not good news for the albiceleste.

Drake is a big fan of sports and soccer in particular, but he doesn’t always get it right. In fact, the last precedent for a big bet was the victory of Barcelona (with whom he shares business ties, since through Spotify his logo was stamped on the Blaugrana elastic) in the Classical. Real Madrid won by a clear 3-1.

The ‘Drake curse’, as it is known in sports circles, has even led some to veto him. Roma, for example, forbade their players to take pictures with him and recommended that he not even speak to them.

Before the team from the capital, his victims were Borussia Dortmund (in the first game he saw live they lost 5-0 to Bayern: hours before, Drake and Jadon Sancho had photographed each other), Arsenal (24 hours after a photo with Aubameyang, they fell an improbable 1-0 against Everton), Manchester City, Serena Williams, Conor McGregor, the Miami Heat… And so on until a long etcetera.

Drake curse continues.

2013: Kentucky loses to Wisconsin.

2014: Heat lose to Spurs.

2015: Serena Williams loses Roberta Vinci.

2016: Johnny Manziel goes from 1st-round pick to out of NFL.

2018: Conor McGregor loses to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

2019: Alabama loses to Clemson.

— Garrett Stepien (@GarrettStepien) January 8, 2019

Now it is the Argentines who ate his curse, which at the moment seems impossible to beat.

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