Don Omar brings together several artists and launches a Christmas music album

Don Omar brings together several artists and launches a Christmas music album

Puerto Rican reggaeton veteran Don Omar released his new album, “Urban Tradition 2,” which brings together a group of performers from various tropical genres with Christmas music inspired by Hispanic roots.

Divino, Jowell, Ñejo, Pirulo, El YMAN, Yomo, Fortuna la Super F and Limi-T 21 are part of the album, which presents a mix of tropical fusions such as salsa, reggaeton, merengue, bachata, bomba and plena, details a statement press release sent this Friday by the representatives of Don Omar.

After the support of the public for the first project “Urban Tradition”, Don Omar joins Sugar Cream Music again to produce and present a second edition of the special project.

Christmas is the most important time of the year and if there is something that defines the Latin culture, it is the joy with which they celebrate these dates.

Some of the songs included in the production are: “Aquí si Hay de To”, by Limi-T21; “Christmas Is”, with Yomo; “Las Cosas Buenas”, together with Pirulo; “I spent Christmas Crying”, next to Ñejo; “What did you do to me?”, with Divino, and “Yo Quiero Tomar”, with Jowell.

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