As they have announced, the Disney company will release a film with a character openly LGBT+, something that has undoubtedly generated quite a bit of controversy, as there are both positive and negative comments about it.

After the controversial scene between the kiss of two women in the new Lightyear movie, Disney proposes “a strange world”, a film that will star an openly gay character.

It should be noted that Lightyear had a modest reception at the box office and that is that in its first weekend of release it managed to collect 51 million dollars in theaters in the United States.

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The truth is that this is a relatively low figure, after Disney Pixar financed the film with a budget of 200 million dollars.

So while it is suspected that the kiss scene between the two women had to do with Lightyear’s numbers, Disney presents “A strange world”, a film that is about to be released.

It is a story that differs from the company’s classic films: there are no princesses, palaces or enchanted kingdoms, what there is is a planet absolutely unexplored by humans, full of amazing creatures.

Disney will have an openly LGBT+ character in a movie

It is worth mentioning that on this extraordinary planet, the stones walk, the animals do not look like aliens, but dinosaurs, the fish do not swim, however, they fly.

All these peculiarities are based on the works of Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs, the fathers of fantasy and science fiction literature, creators of stories like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Tarzan”, respectively.

It is important to mention that this film was presented at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, which is organized every year.

It was thus that Disney introduced Ethan, a member of the Clade family, who flirts with Diazo, during one of the trailer scenes, a situation not only approved but encouraged by the character’s father, who shows great effusiveness when witnessing the flirtation moment. , which will embarrass the young man.

According to “Variety”, “A strange world” will be released next fall, on November 23.

On this occasion, there will also be Hollywood actors who lend their voices to give life to the characters in the film, as in “Lightyear” where Chris Evans dubbed Buzz.

The next Disney film will include actresses Lucy Liu and Gabrielle Union, as well as actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

On the other hand, regarding the Lightyear movie, it was since June 17 that the story of the astronaut doll reached the cinemas, however, as we mentioned before, it was involved in a controversy for including a scene where there is a lesbian kiss.

It contains scenes with gender ideology,” added a chain of cinemas in Peru next to the poster announcing the tape.

As expected, this undoubtedly caused criticism on social networks where the image went viral.

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