After the successes of the films “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project” another film together

A winning team does not change: and so after the successes of the films Free Guy and The Adam Project , director Shawn Levy and actor Ryan Reynolds will return to work together, as it is now almost certain that the former has been chosen to direct. the second in the third chapter of Deadpool.

Chapter, the latter, which will be for the first time under the banner of Marvel . Reynolds himself broke the news with a post on his social media accounts. “The third film in my Shawn Levy trilogy is going to be a little bit more badass” was the comment chosen by the actor to accompany the news.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote the first two Deadpool films, will also write the third film based on the X-Men comic book character . Deadpool 3 will also be the first of the series in which Marvel Studios will work with Reynolds and the Deadpool team from the first two films. And there are those who are ready to bet that this collaboration will positively renew the franchise as it already happened with Spider-Man.

The first Deadpool(2016) was directed by director Tim Miller, while the second chapter (2018) bears the signature of David Leitch. Both films were hugely successful at the box office, but the making of a third installment was slowed down by the Fox / Disney merger. The two films are currently unavailable on Disney ‘s streaming platform , as the franchise is no-one to minors. Until Reynolds’ announcement, many feared that the peculiarity of the character played by Reynolds, foul-mouthed and vulgar, could be an obstacle to the making of a new film. It will not be so.

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