News culture Dandadan: After Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen, another manga phenomenon could be entitled to its anime adaptation!

The rumor has just emerged on the web. After Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man which is currently a hit on Crunchyroll, a new manga phenomenon could be entitled to its anime. It’s Dandadan, just released in France, which could be the next anime bomb of next year, or even 2024.

The new Shonen Jump manga nugget

How good it is to be a manga fan right now! The last few years have seen a ton of manga nuggets appear that have breathed a real wind of change into the landscape of contemporary shonen. My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer Jujutsu Kaisen and finally more recently Spy x Family, Kaiju N°8 and Chainsaw Man, there is plenty to do. The last work mentioned is a hit right now after the release of the anime on Crunchyroll which allowed him to boost his salesbut also its number of readers on the Shueisha Manga Plus application, even surpassing One Piece!

The latest nugget from Jump+ is Dandadan by Yukinobu Tatsu. For shonen, the trend is to mix genres and Dandadan is no exception to the rule by offering a rom-com with a delirious paranormal background. We follow the adventures of Momo Ayase, a young high school girl sensitive to spirits, raised by her medium grandmother. She quickly meets Ken Takakuraa young man of the same age who does not believe in ghosts, but remains convinced that aliens exist, unlike Momo. The two young people then launch a challenge which will quickly prove to them that each of them was right, before embarking on a crazy adventure where ghosts, aliens and colorful characters are commonplace.

Already published for some time in Japan, Dandadan has just landed in French bookstores. For the occasion, Kazé (now Crunchyroll), its publisher, had also organized a gigantic event to attract readers. A marketing campaign far from surprising given the enthusiasm generated by the series, which could also quickly experience an anime adaptation.

A reveal at the Jump Festa?

This is the rumor that has just emerged on social networks. According to leaker Spanku, Dandadan should soon be entitled to its anime television adaptation. Attention, the information is to be taken with tweezers, for the moment no official source has confirmed anything on this subject. Nevertheless, as said before, the success of the series logically pushes the community to believe in this info, which also delights the greatest number on the networks.

The timing also gives us hope. As a reminder, the Jump Festa, the big event dedicated to the manga world organized each year by the Shueisha, will take place by next month, between December 18 and 19 exactly. If the information turns out to be official, it’s a safe bet that Dandadan will be present at the event. Case to follow.

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