BTS’ Jin Announces New Collaboration Single With Chris Martin

BTS’ Jin Announces New Collaboration Single With Chris Martin

A sweet farewell! Kim Seokjin, the vocalist of the music group BTS will be premiering a song just before having to say goodbye to his beloved fans to fulfill his country’s mandatory military service. His departure will not go unnoticed because in the coming weeks we will see him very active.

On October 18, the band’s official social media account was announcing to ARMY that the older member will release a single in collaboration with singer Chris Martin of the Coldplay group, with whom he had already shown signs of an excellent relationship in the past. beyond work.

Jin’s new theme from BTS will continue with this aesthetic of astronauts that the artist has handled since the release of his solo song ‘Moon’, because with metaphors of the stars he gently conveys his love to the community of fans who give him their unconditional support and now stronger than ever before.

BigHit Music, which is the producer that manages the boyband, mentioned that the name of this new single is ‘The Astronaut’ through a promotional video clip in which the date of its world premiere is set, being the appointment on October 28 at 1:00 pm in South Korea time.

Later, Coldplay’s official Instagram account also confirmed this collaboration with a video in which it was also said that Jin will be stepping on Latin American lands as the guest of honor at the concert they will offer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this being the first and last time in several years that the idol will be able to perform the song live.

It’s official! BTS’s Jin will be the special guest on the live broadcast from Buenos Aires, which will be screened in more than 3,500 theaters worldwide on October 28 and 29. Jin joins the band to perform their new single The Astronaut, which was co-written by Coldplay,” the caption reads.

According to what was explained, this single will be an endearing song that will deal with the theme of the departure of loved ones, based on the personal experience that Jin has had with very close relatives and even with his beloved pets, this being the continuation of other songs. that explore this very complicated stage of life.

Since the announcement of this premiere, fans of BTS They haven’t stopped talking about it, raising their expectations to the top because it means the last time in about two years that the 30-year-old artist will be able to have direct contact with his public, since he will be immediately entering the service of his country.

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