Britney Spears worried her fans after she filmed herself playing with knives that, at first glance, seemed very sharp.

If there are some fans who worry about their idol, those are Britney Spears’ fans, who have not stopped calling the police when they feel that something bad could happen to the ‘Princess of Pop’.

So it happened a few months ago when the star very often deleted her Instagram account and now they did it for her dangerous dance with knives, which ignited the alerts.

Although she assured that they were prop knives, that didn’t stop her fans from getting worried and decided to call the authorities to make sure that the music star was really okay.

Upon arrival at her home, the Ventura police officers spoke with the ‘Toxic’ singer, who assured them that everything was fine and left the scene after they realized that no one was in danger.

After the visit of the police, the artist took to her social networks to beg her followers to stop calling the authorities, as she assures that everything is fine with her and that there is nothing to worry about, she even replied her dangerous dance.

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“I know I scared everyone with the last post, but these are fake knives that my team rented from the Hand Prop store in Los Angeles. They are not real knives. No one needs to worry, or call the Police. I’m trying to imitate one of my favorite artists, Shakira…a performance that inspired me!!! Cheers to the bad girls who aren’t afraid to push boundaries and take risks 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼!”, Britney posted to seek to reassure her followers.

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