• The return made by the girl band BLACKPINK made last August has meant a series of triumphs that earns them a place in the history books. Week after week the records that the famous group breaks with some of their songs are new and now they have done so with the sales of their albums.

Although they had already transcended by selling more than 1 million copies in the first 24 hours of pre-sale, they have now unlocked a new achievement by being the first South Korean girl group to be at number one in sales in the United Kingdom, this less than a month after being launched, according to reports from their company.

This fact represents an important step for BLACKPINK, as they managed to beat artists like Suede with ‘Autofiction’, Rina Sawayama with the album ‘Hold The Girl’ and classics like Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ on the list. At the moment they are at number 24 and 38 on the single charts with the 2 main songs from ‘BORN PINK’.

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The first band to achieve this wonderful triumph with their album sales was BTS, which is considered the most successful musical group today. Not only their numbers speak for them, but also the quality of the multiple jobs they offer, not only in music, but also in merchandise and reality shows.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK’s fans multiplied during the two years of confinement, even without releasing new music together during this time. While solo projects like rapper Lisa’s solo debut helped grow their fandom, it was the personality of the 4 that made them stick around.

The return of the four girls had an impressive reception, because in a few hours they managed to enter the first positions of the most important markets in the world, such as the United States, Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom, giving a favorable prognosis for what what is at the door.

Within the next few months, the group will be embarking on a world tour, which, according to what its representative agency said, will be the largest of its careers to date and the highest budget will be invested. This guarantees a unique experience in each of its shows.

The ‘BORN PINK’ world tour will be starting in mid-October, in which the first live performances of BLACKPINK for more than two years, designed exclusively to meet and connect with new fans around the globe.

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