Now that the Disney + machine is well and truly launched, Disney is increasing the number of announcements and releases. There is, and will be, something for everyone. The Marvel universe is of course very well represented.

Fans of the Marvel Universe have no shortage of content, especially since Disney bought the entire universe. Films and series follow one another at a breakneck pace. Next upcoming film, the one dedicated to Black Widow. To enjoy it on Disney +, you will need, like Mulan, pay an extra fee. At least in the United States.

Black Widow on Disney + starting July 9 in the United States

The Marvel films follow one another at speed V. The next one currently planned is none other than Black Widow. The fans of the first hour and the most impatient will probably see it from July 9, in the dark rooms that are open and which broadcast it or, health crisis requires, directly on the Disney + platform, safely from home .

Only via Premier Access

That being said, if Disney did indeed announce that Black Widow will be made available on Disney + at the same time as its theatrical release on July 9, U.S. subscribers to the platform will need to afford Premier Access to take advantage of this. dated.

That is an additional $30 in the United States. The film will be available thereafter at no additional cost to all subscribers. The most impatient will therefore have to pay extra.

This may seem high, but if you have a family and you usually go to the movies to see this kind of film, $ 30 is still an acceptable amount compared to what you would have paid for a cinema with 3 or 4 people. The pill will still be difficult to swallow if you are solo. It’s up to you to see if you can wait or not, after all.

Disney has already used this method for several of its films. This was the case with Mulan and Raya and the Last Dragon. It is still too early to know precisely if this method is working well for Disney.

Note, in France, Mulan was not entitled to this treatment. Point of Premier Access, one and only release, at no additional cost, but delayed compared to the release in the United States, because of the chronology of the media. Will it be the same?

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