Bad Bunny continues with the most lucrative tour

Bad Bunny continues with the most lucrative tour

Bad Bunny’s tour continues to be the most lucrative in the world, with average earnings of more than 9.8 million dollars.

The Puerto Rican star is above The Rolling Stones (7.9 million), The Weeknd (7.6 million) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (6.6 million).

Daddy Yankee has also remained among the 20 highest-earning tours worldwide, according to Pollstar’s weekly list.

With more than 1.7 million dollars, Yankee is in 13th place. Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía ranks 19th with more than 1.3 million dollars.

Here are the most lucrative world tours with average box office receipts by city and average cost per ticket for the week of October 10. The list is based on information provided to trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

1. BadBunny; $9,850,282; $238.29.

2. The Rolling Stones; $7,934,012; $167.24.

3.The Weeknd; $7,605,255; $158.57.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers; $6,672,536; $135.79.

5. Elton John; $6,398,684; $159.22.

6.Coldplay; $6,088,060; $89.40.

7.Lady Gaga; $5,719,355; $135.31.

8. Motley Crue/Def Leppard; $5,163,037; $132.51.

9.Ed Sheeran; $4,509,030; $75.77.

10. Kenny Chesney; $3,399,082; $105.65.

11.Iron Maiden; $2,044,208; $74.44.

12. Morgan Wallen; $1,870,870; $103.98.

13. Daddy Yankee; $1,797,513; $160.30.

14. Kendrick Lamar; $1,771,207; $142.76.

15. Post Malone; $1,760,474; $138.30.

16.My Chemical Romance; $1,726,727; $152.63.

17. Roger Waters; $1,534,684; $120.31.

18.Harry Styles; $1,356,684; $93.52.

19. Rosalia; $1,349,237; $133.42.

20.Chris Stapleton; $1,320,186; $91.24.

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