Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that Christian Nodal has expressed his interest in appearing in the Zócalo, for which the president said that he could also invite Belinda so as not to “snub” her

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador slipped the possibility of organizing a reunion of Christian Nodal and Belinda, during a free concert in the Zócalo of Mexico City.

After the success of Grupo Firme’s presentation in the Zócalo, which brought together some 280,000 people according to the local government, the President recalled that Nodal has also expressed his interest in appearing before the Plaza de la Constitución and without charging for the show.

Addressing the issue, the Tabasco politician recalled that, in the 2018 federal election, Belinda, Nodal’s former sentimental partner, actively participated in his presidential campaign, since she even sang at the closing held at the Azteca Stadium.

Jokingly, he considered that if Nodal appears in the Zócalo, Belinda could also do so, so as not to hurt feelings.

“I don’t know who told me that there was another famous artist that he wanted? Christian Nodal. Nodal, yes, that he also wanted to participate and not charge. He would be great. I was just informing myself that he was Belinda’s partner, and Belinda has been very good to us.

“Aren’t they fighting? Because we don’t want to snub Belinda. Maybe we’ll invite you both”, he let out between laughs.

In February of this year, the singers separately announced the breakup of their romantic relationship, after more than a year and a half of dating. Both have starred in various controversies and have not been seen together again.

On Sunday night, Grupo Firme -a regional Mexican group led by Eduin and Jhonny Caz- offered a free concert in the capital’s Zócalo. With 280,000 attendees, Grupo Firme broke a record held by Vicente Fernández for 13 years, who in 2009 sang for 219,000 people.

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