5 Films and Series to see on Disney+ in February 2021

5 Films and Series to see on Disney+ in February 2021


Theaters are closed, but the MCU continues its small-screen adventure with WandaVision, a series created by Jac Schaeffer (screenwriter on Captain Marvel and Black Widow) and produced by Matt Shakman whose work on the series we were able to appreciate The Boys, Game of Thrones and Six Feet Under.

We find there the characters of Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, and Vision always interpreted by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. The series goes into gear just after the events of the film Avengers : Endgame that put an end to Thanos’ story arc.

The series stands out for its mix of style, between references to sitcoms of yesteryear and reminders of Marvel Cinematic Universe as a thick mystery surrounds the supposedly idyllic life of Wanda and her family. One episode of the WandaVision series is released per week in February on Disney +.


Runaways is the audiovisual adaptation of the comics The fugitives published by Marvel Comics from 2003. It uses the characters and the universe of the previously mentioned comics.

It is a series started on Hulu in 2017 and produced by Josh Schwartz, a regular at teen programs such as Newport Beach O.C, Chuck and Gossip Girl. When six teenagers discover that their respective parents are villains willing to sacrifice humans in the name of a cult, they decide to flee.

During their escape, each one will discover his true nature and the powers which it contains. Runaways Season 3 is available on Disney + on February 12.

Black Panther

The Crown Prince of Wakanda finally joins the Avengers on Disney’s SVOD platform. Black Panther is a 2018 film directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed: The Legacy of Rocky Balboa). It takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and follows the events of Captain America : Civil War.

T’Challa, performed by the late Chadwick Boseman, returns to be crowned on the lands of his native country Wakanda, a technologically advanced fictional nation located on the African continent. But in the shadows, some relatives are plotting a coup d’état in order to seize the power of the black panther. Black Panther is coming out on Disney + on February 19.

X-Men : The Animated

Although the news of X-Men either of the more calm lately, that does not prevent these beings endowed with surprising capacities to make speak about them.

The first two seasons (of the existing five) of the animated series X-Men : The Animated Series published in the early 90s land on Disney + from February 19. Directly inspired by the comics of the same name imagined by Stan Lee From 1963, it recounts the adventures of certain mutants persecuted and living on the margins of society.

Charles Xavier, himself a mutant, founds a school for the “gifted” in order to collect them, then train them to become X-Men. If you are nostalgic for the animated series of your childhood, know that Gargoyles is also available on Disney +.


We end our little tour of novelties with Helstrom, a series produced by Paul Zbyszewsky (screenwriter and producer having worked on Lost and Day Break) and inspired by the characters from the comic book Ghost Rider whose first turns date back to 1973.

We follow the adventures of Daimon and Ana Helstrom, performed by Tom Austen and Sydney Lemmon. These two children, the fruit of an affair between a serial killer and a possessed mother, and separated at birth, track down the worst representatives of humanity.

Faced with the demonic entity that inhabits their mother, they will have to join forces. Season 1 of Helstrom is interned on Disney + on February 23.

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