They are being completed in the municipality of Alange, together with the towns of Hornachos, Zafra, Villafranca de los Barros and Olivenza.

Umbrella Solar Investment has presented, in an act to start works, the portfolio of solar projects that it will build during 2023 in five towns in the autonomous community of Extremadura.

The event took place at the site of the construction works that are being completed in the municipality of Alange which, together with the towns of Hornachos, Zafra, Villafranca de los Barros and Olivenza, will host all the projects that Umbrella Solar will develop in Extremadura at this stage.

The act was attended by the General Director of Industry of the Board, Samuel Ruiz, and the mayoress of Alange, María Julia Gutiérrez Dios, as well as representatives of civil society and businessmen from the region, such as the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz, Mariano García; the president of the Autonomous Association of Badajoz (ABA), Eduardo Bernardo, and the president of Aspremetal, Francisco Patín.

Construction activities will be carried out by IM2 Energía Solar, an Umbrella Solar group company specializing in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic solar projects.

IM2 has a “solid” experience, of more than 20 years of experience, in engineering, procurement and construction of this type of project, and has launched more than 150 projects in Spain and Chile, countries where it operates with its own office.

These five projects are part of the set of projects that Umbrella Solar Investment has developed and which are located in the communities of Extremadura, Andalusia and the Valencian Community, adding a total capacity of 212 Mwp, according to the company in a press release.

The portfolio will sell all the energy generated in the wholesale electricity market and, when it is fully operational, it will supply enough energy to cover the consumption of more than 115,000 homes and will mean savings in the emission of 377 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually.

The CEO of Umbrella Solar Investment, Enrique Selva, has indicated that this portfolio of projects will improve people’s quality of life through the decarbonisation of our energy system, “contributing to the more than necessary fight against the climate crisis”.

“On the other hand, we are complying promptly with our business plan in a very competitive environment such as the photovoltaic solar sector, which supports the effort made by the entire IM2 team to achieve our objectives”, he highlighted.

In the words of Carlos Calatayud, Development Director of IM2 Energía Solar: “this project has been possible thanks to the local collaboration of public and private entities. Together, we have managed to make progress in this initiative that allows us to generate a positive economic impact in the communities premises, generating wealth and employment in the region”.

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