Most cryptocurrencies seem to be gradually becoming less volatile and reacting less strongly to macroeconomic developments. Most prices remained relatively quiet last week, but a number of cryptos were able to rise significantly last month and quarter.

Total market capitalization started last quarter around $910 billion, rebounded to $1.2 trillion in mid-August, but plunged back below $1 trillion two weeks ago. Currently, the market cap stands at $973 billion, down 0.5% in the past 24 hours. Discuss this in our Discord environment!

Bitcoin back to the same price

Bitcoin (BTC) started last quarter at around $19,300, rose briefly to $25,000 in August, but was rejected there. Bitcoin has since bounced back around $19,300, where the price is currently consolidating. Bitcoin briefly fluctuated around the quarterly close, but that too was short-lived. The BTC price currently stands at $19,270 on Coinbase and $19,660 on Bitvavo.

Bitcoin held up remarkably stronger than the stock markets last week. Once risky assets like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq fell this year, bitcoin usually fell faster. That was not the case this week. Nevertheless, it is probably still too early to speak of a decoupling or trend reversal. The market is still very concerned about the macroeconomic situation, analysts are still very bearish and bitcoin has been able to fall relatively deeper during previous bear markets.

Ethereum takes a hit after merge

Ethereum (ETH) took a hit last month. The ether price outperformed bitcoin in the summer, probably due to the hype about the so-called ‘merge.’ On September 15, Ethereum made the switch to proof-of-stake, but the price fell sharply afterwards. It was probably a “buy the rumour, sell the news” development.

ETH fell about 18% in value last month, but is still 25% higher than last quarter. Meanwhile, ETH is again strongly correlated with BTC, dropping 1.5% to $1,310 today.

XRP rose due to lawsuit, MATIC rose faster

On the other hand, ripple (XRP) was able to rise sharply last month. New developments in the lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may provide some ‘retail FOMO.’ XRP fell 3% this week, but is up 43% in September and even in the third quarter of 2022. 50% in the plus.

Still, XRP was not the strongest gainer among the largest crypto over the past quarter. That honor goes to polygon (MATIC), which is even up 69% from 90 days ago.

Crypto top 100 hardest risers Q3 2022

Then we have a number of notable outliers in the top 100. Reserve rights (RSR) is today no less than 18.5% in the plus and thus enters the top 100. RSR even rose by 52% in September and by 42% in the past quarter.

Chiliz (CHZ) fell 12% this week, but is still up 142% in the past quarter. Quant (QNT) was up 20% last week, up 45% last month and even 145% last quarter.

Then of course we have terra luna classic (LUNC). LUNC is up 17% again today, 52% in the plus in September and no less than 173% in the plus in the third quarter of 2022.

Still, LUNC was not the fastest gainer in the past quarter. Despite Lido (LDO) falling 12% this week and even falling 28% in September, LDO is still up 215% from 90 days ago.

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