With These Shoes You Will Always Have the Price of Bitcoin at Your Feet

With These Shoes You Will Always Have the Price of Bitcoin at Your Feet

Key facts:
  • They fit a full node and digital mining rig in their shoebox.
  • The screen turns purple as the price of bitcoin approaches $1 million.

Some sports shoes capable of showing the price of bitcoin (BTC) in real time could be the latest trend for bitcoiners, and convinced of this, its creators are inviting Twitter users to participate in a raffle that will select the winner. of high-tech footwear.

Bitsneak is the name given to the pair of sneakers that have 3G mobile Internet connectivity integrated with an LED screen that permanently reports the price of bitcoin. But not content with that, the shoe lights will turn purple when the value of the cryptocurrency approaches $1 million.

Bitrefill , the platform that offers prepaid cards with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has partnered with American basketball player Spencer Dinwiddie , who is part of the NBA Dallas Mavericks squad.

So together they have decided to create products for bitcoin users , with which they also plan to compete with giant companies, such as Nike, for example, as Sergej Kotliar, founder of Bitrefill , assures in a statement sent to the mail.

The first creation of the partnership between Bitrefill and Dinwiddie is the Bitsneak sneakers that cost 1 BTC and can only be purchased with bitcoin. For further novelty, the company informs that the integrated LED screen can be controlled through an application. Plus, they pack a full node and digital mining rig into their shoebox.

The Bitrefill team say they worked in collaboration with design collective TNSID and Spencer Dinwiddie to make what they call a “quantum leap” in sneaker technology.

The company invites its followers on Twitter to participate in the draw for a pair of Bitsneak. The winner will receive the high-tech sneakers and an additional pair, without built-in technology that has been worn by player Dinwiddie.

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