• The two richest bitcoin wallets hold 1.2% and 0.80%.
  • The balance of the wallets is 252,597 and 168,010 bitcoins respectively.

One of the most important characteristics of BItcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that you can own them in fractions. As a result, there are over 200 million bitcoin wallets holding more than 18 million bitcoins.

According to data compiled by GLM, the two largest wallets globally hold 1.2% and 0.80% of all BTC tokens. To be more precise, it is 252,597 or 168,010 bitcoins. Incidentally, the two wallets are used for trading on the Binance and Bitfinex crypto exchanges.

The comprehensive data also includes more details about all bitcoin holders. There are currently over 41 million of them. An analysis of the top 100 wallets shows that they account for 14.11%, with the amount of bitcoins held ranging from 252,597 to 9,000 coins.

Most bitcoin whales hold their coins for the long term

The data also shows that most Bitcoin whales are so-called HODLers. The term HODL comes from the English “Hold On for Dear Life”. The data from the 100 largest wallets shows that most of them have had no transactions from or to these addresses for over a week. Only a handful of wallets were active, and there were both inflows and outflows.

The crypto market is known to be very turbulent. With so much happening, there is a lot of uncertainty about which direction digital currency prices will go. Most crypto investors are unsure what to do with their coins, which explains why most bitcoin wallets have remained dormant lately.

More interestingly, most wallets that saw a change over the past week saw a decrease in the amount of BTC held. The address with the largest transaction on this front has seen an outflow of 2950 BTC.

The largest BTC deposit to one of these addresses, on the other hand, was over 5200 bitcoins.

Binance and OKEx are leaders among crypto exchanges

CryptoMonday also took a closer look at bitcoin holdings on crypto exchanges. Data shows that Binance and OKEx are the leading exchanges in terms of the amount of BTC held. These two exchanges account for 1.2% and 1.12% of the bitcoins in circulation, respectively.

Other crypto exchanges that hold a significant stake in Bitcoins include Bittrex, BitMex, Bitfinex, Coincheck, and Poloniex. These hold about 0.15% accordingly; 0.07%; 0.92%; 0.16% and 0.08%.

Of the total 21 million BTC coins that can exist, 90% are already in circulation. It can therefore be expected that the number of addresses with a positive balance will increase as more people become aware of digital currencies in the coming years.

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