Taiwanese musician Jay Chou falls victim to an NFT scam using boring monkeys

Taiwanese musician Jay Chou falls victim to an NFT scam using boring monkeys

The NFT scam trend continues as a Taiwanese singer-songwriter loses 4 NFTs, including a bored monkey on a phishing website. Jay Chou lost his most valuable NFT, BAYC 3738.

He allegedly stole a BAYC, MAYC and 2 Doodles from his wallet. Phishing websites have proliferated in the NFT space lately, and several people have become victims. A phishing website is a domain that resembles an official website in name and appearance.

There is an unwritten rule in the NFT space to never click on links. For Jay, however, he had to learn the hard way. Scammers have gotten tricky with their website links and features. You should always check a link before clicking on it.

Scammers Seem To Be Targeting The #1 NFT In The Space: Bored Apes

This is not the first Bored Ape NFT scam recently. Just a few weeks ago, someone fell for a scam from Bored Ape’s “Animations” phishing website. On this particular occasion, the NFT user lost 3 of his monkeys.

Jay Chou received a call from his friend on April 1 telling him that his BAYC had been stolen. Because it was an April Fool’s joke, Jay didn’t take his friend seriously until it was too late. The stolen NFT was immediately put up for sale on LooksRare and ended up selling for 133 ETH.

Currently, the most valuable collection of NFTs, Bored Apes, are the focus of targeted scams. When you own such high-value assets, you have to be very careful about what you click and/or connect to. In short, Chou has not made any statement regarding his sold stolen NFTs.

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