Bitcoin (BTC) gains +0.55%

Bitcoin (BTC) gains +0.55%

For Bitcoin (BTC) investors, that means a rise of $250.00 over the past day. The 24-hour high was $45.000 while the low was $40.199. Within the last 24 hours, a total of 12,839,658,109 euros of the cryptocurrency were traded. The market capitalization is currently at 771,712,258,213 euros. Over the week, Bitcoin (BTC) price is up +6.52%. In a 30-day comparison, Bitcoin increased by +18.51%.

Price Comparison: Bitcoin (BTC) vs. US Dollar (USD)

One bitcoin (BTC) has a current value of $44.627 and €40.627.

Bitcoin in the top ranking of cryptocurrencies

With a price of 40.627 euros, BTC makes it to number 1 among all cryptocurrencies. Overall, the crypto market has changed by 1.53% over the past 24 hours.

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