Two days ago, the Binance platform announced its collaboration with Mike Tyson. A collaboration that included the launch of a range of NFTs. With this operation, the former boxer joins the long list of athletes who have already launched their own NFT collections!

14,500 Mystery Box mises in sale

The operation provided for the marketing of 14,500 mystery boxes. Boxes each sold at a price of 44 BUSD via the Binance platform . Each Mystery Box could include NFTs of five different rarity levels:

  • Bronze: 9 000 NFT
  • Argent: 4 000 NFT
  • Or : 1 950 NFT
  • Platine: 35 NFT
  • Diamant: 15 NFT

In all, 15,000 different NFTs were therefore sold through this operation. Each of the non-fungible tokens provides access to exclusive Mike Tyson products.

Thus, Bronze, Silver, and Gold rarity NFTs allow their owners to receive special collector’s edition NFTs from crypto artist Henric Aryee. Those lucky enough to collect a Platinum or Diamond NFT can even claim champion items: shorts, gloves, t-shirts and other limited edition items.

In the coming weeks, a web portal should be set up. It will validate the holders of the NFTs of each Mystery Box . Each holder will once again receive 3 Mike Tyson NFTs for free with an airdrop that will take place throughout 2022. Each user who still owns at least one NFT will receive access to additional rewards.

In addition, the community around this launch will have preview information on the next NFT launches and the possible creation of a metaverse around the former boxing star! Owners of Platinum (SSR) and Diamond (SSR) NFTs will also need to complete a KYC form for shipment of physical rewards.

As specified by the Binance platform , all the modalities concerning the airdrop will be specified via the Twitter account @MetacurioNFT. You can also follow @TheBinanceNFT or @MikeTyson Twitter accounts for useful information.

A successful business operation

Launched the day before yesterday at 11 a.m., the sale was an immediate success. In just a few hours, the 14,500 mystery boxes all found takers . On the Binance NFT marketplace, there are already a number of these boxes for resale. Some users sometimes ask for more than 100 dollars.

But users also sell NFTs individually. On the secondary market, at the time of writing, the cheapest NFT Gold is offered for immediate purchase at 0.5 BNB. One NFT Diamond is currently listed at a price of 10 ETH ($33,000 at current price).

While this price may seem excessively high, it is a reminder once again that the NFT market is also driven by scarcity. Indeed, as we have seen, Diamond NFTs represent 0.1% of the total supply on this project.

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