AEX Global has launched Dual Investment, the first edition of which features BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT financial products at the same time. The airdrop will total 18,000 USDT, which will be distributed among users who participate in the dual investment between April 12 and 17. In this period, users can get access to the airdrop regardless of the amount they participate for.

Prize pool divided by ranking

The value of the prize pool, which is 11,000 USDT, is distributed according to the ranking of the users’ investment ratio. The total lucky prize is 7,000 USDT.

Dual Investment is a short-term performance financial product with fluctuations. You can subscribe to an asset like bitcoin (BTC/USD) through cryptocurrencies. When it expires, your return will be denominated in bitcoin or Tether.

Types of investments

There are two types of investments: Up-and-Exercised and Down-and-Exercised. When subscribing, you choose the type of investment, the exercise price, the subscription fee and the settlement date and obtain the corresponding financial products.

The biggest advantage of double investment

Regardless of how volatile the market is, your profits are a given. If you want to hold an asset, you can earn more tokens with this type of financial management. In the event of an unfavorable spin, you get the corresponding USDT as compensation.

Constant rate of return

A consistent rate of return is guaranteed no matter what crypto is earned. The minimum investment amount in the AEX product is 0.1 BTC and 1 ETH. The other advantages include:

  • The rules of this investment are completely transparent.
  • High rate of return: Compared to other financial products, the rate of return is higher.
  • The level of return depends on the judgment of the market.
  • Flexible Settlement Date: Users can assign it flexibly.
  • Stable income: A fixed rate of profit can be realized regardless of the ups and downs of the market.
  • Fast arrival: same day delivery and same day arrival.

extremely high performance

AEX dual investment comes with multiple investment activities and has an extremely high return. In the future, AEX will launch more diversified financial products to meet the investment needs of each type of user.

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