Why Ben Affleck Should Date Jennifer Lopez

Why Ben Affleck Should Date Jennifer Lopez

After so many years apart, Ben Affleck and Jennifer López returned to their relation. Now they live a healthier and calmer relation.

It has been more than 10 years since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez decided to break off their engagement. This decision took all of Hollywood by surprise , where they expected the couple to have a beautiful wedding and say “yes, I do” in front of those closest to them.

However, love had come to an end. For a long time, many versions of why the relation had ended circulated. But, a few years ago, the Ben revealed what had happened between them. Apparently, the harassment they received from the press was the trigger for the relationship. His partner had gone from being something intimate, to something that was part of society and that everyone had a free say about it.

For several years, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went their separate ways. They each started a family and had new relation, but none of them ended in the best way. Now, JLO and Ben Affleck have crossed their destinies again.

How Jennifer Lopez Helps Ben Affleck

A strong close to Ben Affleck revealed that Jennifer Lopez is the perfect influence for the actor. This is because the singer is very aware of what she eats or enters her body; in addition, he always cares about your well-being.

The most important thing is that the artist does not drink a drop of alcohol, which has made it easier for the actor to put his addictions aside. In this way, the Batman interpreter leads a cleaner and more organic diet, where he only consumes vegetables, fruits and proteins. Thanks to the help of the actress, he feels better than ever.

On several occasions, the actor revealed that he had an important fight against addictions . During that process, which was quite hard and complicated, he developed a picture of anxiety and depression. However, Ben Affleck always wanted to get ahead for his three children, which are the result of his former relationship with Jennifer Garner . For this reason, the actor has stayed a long time in the rehabilitation center and focused on recovering for his family.

For a long time, Ben was very secretive about the problem he faced with addictions and mental health. Still, he realized that talking about these issues helped free him from his shyness about his demons. In this new path free of excesses, Jennifer Lopez plays a fundamental role within the couple. The singer not only makes the actor fall in love every day, but also helps him get ahead and focus on a better life.

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